Monday, 30 October 2017

What's The Time Mr.Wolf

In the Morning my class and I went outside to play a game called what’s the time Mr.Wolf. My class and I, all went to go line up along the race track. Then, Sivaenah had to shout what’s the time Mr.Wolf then the Wolf has to turn around and say 3:00. Once Mr.Wolf say 3:00 we all had to creep up to Mr.Wolf, but if turn’s around again we all have to freeze and stand still like a Mannequin, but if he sees us moving we had to go back from where we had started. When I was playing I had release that I had not been out yet and I was really close to being a winner. But there was Jane next to me and she had might of won to so Mr.Wolf decided That he could say either 1:00 or 2:00 to make it even harder. But I wasn’t fast enough to touch Mr. Wolf’s back and also I was on the side of Mr.Moran and Jane was in the back but in middle of him and so Jane had touched Mr.Wolf first. But I was still happy that I was still very close to touch Mr.Wolf. Later that day, we went to go line up so that we can get on with our writing about what we just did out on the field.

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