Friday, 30 June 2017

Maori Technology: Kites

This term we are learning about any type's of kites. And I was reading about Maori kite it was so fun.

Big bombs

Leaping into the deep blue sea the BMX kid did a huge bomb. It was so huge it knocked over the Gods ice cream. The BMX kid did a big bomb at a high cliff, with a lot of rocks. He also hit the sea very hard. After his bomb he ran up hill and started to talk to the God.

Overlooking  the god and the BMX kid were having a chat about who has the biggest bombs. The BMX kid thought  that his grandma would do a bigger bomb than the God. But the God said “That he could do a bigger bomb than the BMX kid”.  Then the BMX kid said “but can you even swim?” . But than the God said back “I invented swimming”.

Powerfully the God went and jumped off the cliff and did a huge big bomb. The  God bomb was so powerful that the BMX kid got splashed with the Gods own bomb.  The Gods bomb wasn’t finished yet somehow the water put God back on the cliff.

Friday, 16 June 2017

Making Kites.

Kite Day


Use descriptive words.

You are going to write a recount about what happened yesterday when we made
our kites

Start your writing here: Yesterday we made some kites. The first thing that we did we was that we just got back from dancing. After that Mrs. Moala told us how to make a kite. Then we went off and made our own kite. The things that you had to make a kite with is paper two straws and a scissors. The first thing we had to do to make a kite was to fold the paper to make the paper as long as the straw. Then you would have to try and make a diamond shape. First you had to unfold the paper that you started with and fold the four corners and then cut the four corners. After that you have to stick your long stick along the paper the your going to put your other straw on the along the side. Finally  you have to put a hole in a your kite so you could put in your string so that you could fly it. After we went outside to fly our kites.

Wednesday, 14 June 2017

Making Kite

We had some fun because it was kite day. We had to do a assinment about kite then we had to make kites.
 Also we had kite day so we all made cool and different types of kites.

Monday, 12 June 2017

Kite surfing

Soaring through the sky I feel like superman. Crashing through the waves I feel like a dolphin. This experience is a feeling you only every so often. Hopping over the waves butterflies fill my tummy. Spinning and twirling through the air. I show the supporters all the tricks I am able to do. I can hear cheering and screaming from all my supporters. The hardest part about kite surfing is packing up and having to pull kite on a windy day it is hard work. Kite surfing is such an incredible sport.

Friday, 9 June 2017

Maori moth

Today we learned about a maori moth. And this one was about Papatuanuku and the Earth Mother.

Chasing Danger

Today I read part 6 of the Chasing Danger. It was amazing because there are more things that I can learn about this more. Also I can find out more when I read part 7. This is so cool


Every Tuesday room 11 go to Orienteering it is for our Kiwi sports. Orienteering means that we would always follow the map. Our Orienteering instructor names where Irere and Leon. They will explain how to follow the map and where we should start. Also where we could finish.

After Leon would explain to us how we should use a map we would go off and and fined the letter that would have to find. After we finish the first course we had to go on the next one until we finish every course. After that we had to go back to the start to get Leon or Irere to look at our paper and take our maps.

Once we finish everything we had to get in line and say thank you to Irere and to Leon. Then we would go back to class. And do our work well room 12 go and have there  Orienteering time. We had a great time with Irere and Leon thank you so much for our Orienteering time with you.

Tuesday, 6 June 2017

Part 5 Chasing Danger

Well I was reading this part of the stories was so much more dangerous and cool. And It was more about the pretty girl and the dangerous. I wonder want will happen about the pretty and dangerous girl.

Friday, 2 June 2017

The Tanwha

You could see  grey sky and above that you see a lot of high hills. Also there’s tall greenish grass that could cover up your feet. There were grass blowing away. It was a cold and also windy because it was in winter.

The big fearless creature was lying across the tall grass. What you could see about the creature is that it had long big tail with a lot of strength in it. It also had sharp teeth it was as sharp as a knife. The creature has a loud big raw.

I could smell smoke coming out from the creature mouth. I heard a loud ’’raw’’. Once they knew that the creature was so mad from taking photos of the fearless creature. So we all ran aways when we ran away we were running as fast as we could.


This week We were learning about maori moths. And this maori moth was about harakeke

Waka writing

Begin Writing Here: I could see some big blocks of wood and two huge wakas. I could see people waiting near the waka’s. I can see the birds flying in the sky. I could see the waves chasing near the rocks with a lot of power.

I could hear the breeze blowing as I walk pass. I could also hear that a dog barking really loud. I could hear the wind blowing the waka’s back to shore. I could also hear that people are making fire for a hungi or to just keep them worn. I could also hear the water splashing off of the wooden stick that they use to move the waka’s.

I could smell the lovely bread that they were making. I could also smell wet dog that just came out sea. I could also smell the salty water from the ocean. And I could
sell a lot of fish. I could smell a lot of smoke I was coming from the mountain.

The Chasing Danger Chapter 4

Chapter 4.  This was a more cooler chapter because you could read so much more which is amazing. This book is so amazing the I really would like to read the chapter 6. Which I think that it is going to be much more cooler.