Monday, 10 July 2017

New Zealand

The patchwork history of Maori, European, Pacific  Island and Asian cultures, New Zealand has become a melting-pot population - but one with some uniting features that make it unique in the world.
Today, of the 4.4 million New Zealanders (informally know as Kiwi), approximately 69% are of European descent, 14.6% are indigenous Māori, 9.2% Asian and 6.9% non-Māori Pacific Islanders.
Geographically, over three-quarters of the population live in the North Island, with one-third of the total population living in Auckland. The other main cities of Wellington, Christchurch and Hamilton are where the majority of the remaining Kiwis dwell. 


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  2. Hi Oalii,

    I can see that Nicky has already posted a comment to invite you to join the programme and you've done it! Wow - that is awesome. Welcome to the Winter Learning Journey. We are really excited that you have done your research and posted facts about New Zealand.

    It is a pretty amazing place to live, isn't it? I particularly love living in Auckland despite the fact that it is such a big city. I didn't realise that one-third of the total NZ population lived here in the same city. Did you know that before you read the facts on the Tourism NZ website? It certainly explains why the city is always so busy and why we have so much traffic on the road, doesn't it? Some days it takes me as much as an hour to get from my house out west to my office in Epsom. Crazy!

    Fortunately, these days I don't mind the long commute because I get to blog with great students like you when I get to my office. I am really enjoying the holiday blogging programme and hope that you are too.

    See you online again soon?


  3. hi oalii good work well done.