Monday, 10 December 2018

Christmas Poem

This us my Writing task. What we had to do was pretty much like last weeks writing task except the poems had to be about Christmas. I hope you enjoy my poems.

Tuesday, 4 December 2018

Book Review

This is my reading task for week 8 this task was also for week7 too. . For week 8 and 7 we got to do any choice of book and our group did a text called Bok Choy. I hope you like what this story is about.

 Here is a link to where you can find this task.

Monday, 3 December 2018

Thursday, 29 November 2018

Thursday, 22 November 2018

Cave Art Animation

This is my Animation along with my Script to. This my last Animation for this year so I hope you really like this Animation I think that this animation is one of the best animation I have done this year.

Follow Up Task

This is my week 4 follow up task.

Here is my link to my Follow up task.

Wednesday, 21 November 2018

Animation Voice Over

A long long time ago in the ancient days there lived a tribe of three men in Australia.
The three men name were Bob, Jacob, and JJ. Out of all the three men, JJ was the youngest and Jacob was the oldest. Bob was the middle one. Bob, JJ, and Jacob didn’t have a house to live nor did they have any food so they were starving and their stomachs were aching. They also had tried to catch some animals but they didn’t have that much luck with animals. One day, a fearless snake had slithered past their cave. Only Bob had seen the snake while the other two were trying to make a fire. When Bob had seen the snake he got his spear and tried to spear the snake. The snake had slithered so fast that he got away before Bob even threw the spear at the snake. Bob was so sad that he didn’t catch the snake.

When he got back he had told JJ and Jacob what had happened just then. When he told them JJ had a bright Idea to follow the snakes smell because some snakes had very strong sense of smell. So Bob and JJ followed the smell and the smell had led Bob and JJ to the snakes tunnel. Also just remember that Bob and JJ did have the spear with them while jacob was still working on the fire. Anyways Bob had saw the snake and threw the spear at him but he wasn’t lucky but JJ still had his spear. So JJ threw his spear and connects with the snake and spears the snake. The were so happy that they got a snake that the can roast and eat. Their tummies were not aching anymore. They were super happy.

Here is a link to where you can find my task.

Friday, 16 November 2018

Keyhole Narrative

One fine day Nina had Invited her friends over her friends who names are Oalii and Tori. Nina and her friends got really broad so they have decided to go out for a walk.
When the stopped at their destination they had saw tree valley ways. When the saw the valley ways they had decided that each person should go in each valley way. As Nina had went in the first valley she had knew by her first look that she was in a jungle. Then it was Oalii’s turn, Oalii’s did not liked what she had seen. She had seen that she had ended up in a chilly forest. Oalii had gotten a little bit confused because before she went in the path it was scorching hot. Oalii had refused to go in any further so she tired to go back but she was so cold that she lost her memory and didn’t know where to go. Then it was Tori’s turn to go. As Tori went in her valley she had already new that she was near the sea just by looking at it.
Anyways all three girls had followed the path. All of the path had led them to a place called Paradise place. They couldn’t believe what they had see. They saw that there was a rusty tilted house with cogs all around it. It was also floating in the air. As they were walking to the house all of a sudden a latter pop out and a old man came out. The old man was they owner for the floating house. When Nina, Tori, and Oalii saw the old man they had asked the old man “ can you please help us get back home”!. “PLEASE”. Then the old man had said “ sure “. So the old man had took them to another tunnel and that tunnel had led them to the start of the three valley ways. They were so happy that they were back in Auckland. When they got back home they went to go and say Thank you to the old man back the old man had disappeared. Anyways they had all made a pack that they would never ever tell anyone what they had experience. They had also made the tunnel there secret spot.

Here is a link to where you can find the Task I had went on.

Wednesday, 14 November 2018

Narrative Plan

For this week we are doing a Narrative Writing. Just to let you know the is not my real writing it is just my plan. Either way liked my plan. I hope you enjoy what I am doing for my writing.

Monday, 12 November 2018

Multiplication Follow Up Task

This is my second Week 3 Term 4 follow up task. I hope you had learned somethings from my working out and I hope you really know what I am learning about. Follow up task Multiplication.

Here is a link to where you can find this Task.

Addition/Subtraction Follow Up Task

This is my first Follow up task for week 3 term 4. I hope you have learnt some tips on how I'ved worked it out. Hope you liked this follow up task. Addition/Subtraction.

Here is the link to where you can find this follow up maths task.

Sunday, 4 November 2018

Follow Up Task

This is my math follow up task for week 2. Week 2, Term 4 Multiplication.

Friday, 2 November 2018

Thursday, 1 November 2018

That Really Stink

One day felt very sneaky and went of and stole Sam’s sister phone. Sam got the phone because he loved the new app that he downloaded he had used the app in the bathroom if you didn’t know he used it to make some super loud fart noises so the his family would think that there is some serious problems going on. Sam really loved to pull on pranks on his family. But same was to busy laughing that he never the monsters tentacles. When the monster heard all the farting noises he was a little bit curious about what was happening in the bathroom. When the monsters tentacle garb the phone but Sam had a good grip on the phone until the the monster played dirty and got out another tentacles and tickled Sam. Sam was laughing so hard that his good grip on the phone had slipped out of his hand. Once the monster had got the phone he went with in back down to the sewage. Sam had nothing to do but to flush himself down into the dirty sewage as well.

When Sam had entered the monsters cave he had noticed that there was 5 more monster in the cave to. But Sam was brave enough to go up to the 5 monsters and snatch the phone off the monsters tentacle. When he got the phone he had quickly ran outside of the monsters cave and jumped on one of the crocodiles and went back up from where he came from and climbed his way out of the sewage and into the bathroom with the phone. When he came back to the toilet he how quickly deleted the app for good. But if he wanted to go and download the farting at again he would remember to never play that in the bathroom ever again.

Back To The Drawing Board

This is my reading task for week 3.

Tuesday, 30 October 2018

Friday, 26 October 2018


This is my reading task for week one. This is a school journal book and my book was talking about wired and number 8 wired. Also this book is called Wired.

Wednesday, 24 October 2018

Writing Recount

On the last day of Pt England Kindergarten I had my birthday this birthday was for me turning 5 years of age.

That meant that I got to go to the big school which is Pt England School. Also on that day I got to go to the big school to see what it is like to be in the big school. At first I was very nervous because I had never been at a big school before and I had thought that the school work was going to be very hard and also excited because I get to see my siblings and my cousins there.

Anyways after that trip I went back to kindergarten to make my birthday hat and birthday cake. With my birthday hat I had made it with glue, glitter, stickers, and a big coloured peace of paper which was pink and sellotape . Also for the cake I made it with play- doh coloured shaped stars and 5 candles. How i had did my birthday hat was that I cut out the paper on top zigzag style. Then I stick both ends together with sellotape. After that I got to put on some stickers and then I got to glue on a number 5 on my crown too. When the hat was finish the hat I made my play - doh cake. The colour was bright red and the shape was a over sized oval which meant it was a huge sized oval. Then I had to put it in a red bowl to match my red play - doh.

This is my unfinished writing recount. So that means I am going to make up some time to finish this off so that you can see my full writing recount.

Thursday, 18 October 2018


This is my 1 Dmic of term 4. We did very good.

Follow Up Task

This is my other follow up task and it is Addition. Week 1 Term 4

Follow Up Task

This is my first follow up task which is Subtraction. Week 1 Term 4.

Recount About The Most Nervous Day Of My Life

On the first Saturday of the holiday I had my first Netball training but it wasn’t just any netball it was for the Auckland Samoan team. I play in the under 11 team. When I was in the car and on our way to the courts I felt very scared but kind of excited at the same time because my Dad had said to me “ this netball is not like the school netball it is much more harder the those games”. That was the where I felt very scared,

When my Dad and I were in the car we were trying to look for the netball court because the training wasn’t at the normal AMI netball courts it was out West. As we finally got there it was so packed that My dad kept on going around in circles. So as we finally found are parking stop we went to the courts. When I got to the courts they were all practising the Samoan National Anthem. When I went to go and sit down all of there attention turned on me like they were all looking at me and that was the time where I wanted to regret doing this but they had already started to go and train so I had no choices but to train. As I was walking with my team I had told my Dad to come with me because I was so nervous.

After that I had to introduce myself and then we had to move on to training. But suddenly as I got through the whole day of training I had felt better and not scared anymore and from there on I felt happier.

Tuesday, 16 October 2018


Kia Ora and Welcome back to my blog. As you would probably had already know that we are currently in term 4 so that means the we are closer to being a year 6 the from the start of being year 5. I am really excited about the terms theme. It is called Te Wa Toi it stands for Art. To me I love art because it is really fun to do and I just love play with colours.

How I knew the Te Wa Toi stands for Art is how most of the teachers dressed up. And also as I was looking around I had seen that Mr. Jacobson had dressed up as a paint brush and a easel. Also Mr. Moran was wearing a suit that painters usually wear.

Since it is a new term I had to challenge myself to not talk as much a I had talked last term and also to finish off my work probably and at the right time. That is my goal that I had set myself for term 4.

The reason why I had Picked that for my goal is because I had thought that, that was the most thing I had to work on in term 3 so I decided that I would carry that goal on to term 4. Also it is because I want to finish off the year happy. Also I had a lot of positive thought out what this term is going to be like.

So this comes to end in my first blog post of term 4. I am so happy that this theme is art. I hope you have a good rest of the day.

Thursday, 27 September 2018

Subtraction follow up task


This is made second follow up task which the topic of this task is subtraction. I hope you liked how I had answers and worked out the problem. Please leave a comment thank you so much.

Tuesday, 25 September 2018

Addition follow up task 1

This is my follow up task 1 which the topic is Addition as you can see. This task is basically just answering addition problem and solving them all out. I hope you have liked this. Please leave a positive comment Thank so Much.

Friday, 14 September 2018


This is my actually animation Movie. I hope you like my move. Please leave a positive comment Thank you so much.

My Point Of View Presentation

This is my point of view presentation. As you've already seen my writing of this Miss. West said to us to post this again but with all of the parts put together. I hope you like this. Please leave a comment if you'ed like.

Thursday, 6 September 2018


Hello My name is Oalii and we are learning about how to keep healthy and how to keep active and to always move ya body. The object for my animation is nothing it is only my arms and bits of my legs because I am doing dancing for my topic. My sports or active is dancing the reason why I had picked dancing was because I love to dance and dancing is like the most active thing out of all activities. That is my animation I hope you like what we are learning about and what our topic is to. Also please leave a positive on blog thanks for watching.

This is my voice over for my animation . I hope you like what I will be saying. Please leave a comment thank you.

Saturday, 1 September 2018


Photo 1:

Photo 2:

Point of view of person taking the photo: My point of view was that when when my group jumped I saw my partner jumping in the air trying to get the ball at the same time as me. What I thought in my mind is that how could I try and make this photo 10 times better. So I said If the they can jump up high and try and get the ball and then I will press the photo button and take a photo while they are in the air. It will looks like there trying to fly in the air. It definitely made the photo look good and so many ways.

Point of view of a person in the photo: As I jumped to get the ball I put my arm out and high so I can get the ball even though it is heading where my partner was. I still wanted to be careful so I don’t hurt her or push her over. So I tried to do that carefully so I don’t injury myself of my partner.

Wednesday, 29 August 2018



While I was doing something I saw a creature near my baby lamb. She was so hideous and why does she has to legs and why is she so tall. Why is she holding that thing on her hands and why is she looking and following me. Oh wait she's really not close to me or my babies I will just go past her and leave her alone.


This is my second reading task for week 5.


The mother sheep followed me along the path. Picking up her paste when she realise I was within touching distance with her lamb. She let out a loud lop bleat which echoed across the padlock, the sleeping lamb lifted up his head and turned towards us before slowly returning to sleep. As the sheep got closer and closer I thought about whether if I should turn and run, I began to panic. Was she gonna attack me? Holding my breath I froze, I sighed as the sheep dodged me and went protectively towards her lamb. Phew that was a close call.

Thursday, 23 August 2018



This is my reading task for this week. My reading book was online and the book the I was reading is called blood sugar.


Once upon a time there were three girls and their names are Maddi, Jane. They were best friends and they also like to go out for a walk. One day they went walking down a rocky path as the were walking the saw big crusty mountain. As they walked up the mountain and came back down the were lost and the couldn’t find their way back to Jane’s house. Them they tried to use their phones but they had no signal. They were also thinking about their parent’s how the are worried about all three of them. As they stayed there for a little while the sun was going down it almost looked like a ombre cloud. They thought that they would never see their parents again. As the sun went down Maddi fell asleep while Jane was watching her. As the sun came up Maddie had woke up, when Maddi woke up she had looked around the place and see saw Jane sleeping. As it came on to 8:00 Jane had woke up. When they were both awake they had saw a man come past with a car.
                                                TO BE CONTINUED
This is so of my writing I didn't finish it  but I will probably finish it off on Friday.
What we did was that we got in a group of 2 the partner was Tipi.
What we worked on was where should I put my full stops and when should I use commas.

Monday, 20 August 2018


This is my cyber smart task. What we had to do is that we had to try and replie back to our teachers nicely and respectfully. 


This week we are writing another narrative but this time the writing is about the picture on the front page.

Friday, 17 August 2018


This is my reading task for week 2. It has been along time but I decided that I would finish this task off Today. This is also has to task in this.


At a school called Pt England there was a boy who was only a year 5 and his name was Andy and also there a group of boys who was older than Andy and were bullies. They are older than Andy they were in year 7. The bullies names were Sam, Buster, and William. Andy was really good at school work where’s the other boys weren’t that good at school but what they were good at was sports.

One fine Monday there was a basketball tryouts. Andy was really desperate to tryout basketball. As soon as he got to the hall he looked around if there was any of his friends there to tryout but as he look around he saw William. He thought to himself if William here then Buster and Sam will tryout. Andy was about back out but Mrs. Salu came in the hall and she called out Andy’s name and this is what she said to Andy “ Andy are you coming to tryout for basketball”. Andy responded “ sure why not let me try out something new”. Andy said that because he actually wanted to try something new. Andy was still a bit curious about Sam, William, and Buster if they were only going to pick on Andy not all the other boys who were trying out.

As Mrs. Salu had told all of the boys to sit down in two lines Mrs. Salu put them all in two groups so that the can play a little game of basketball. Sam, Buster, and William was very confident that they were going to win but on the other hand Andy was very nervous. As Mrs. Salu finish with putting all of the boys there group Andy was the last boy well all the other boys were put in a team. Then Andy asked Mrs. Salu “ Mrs which group do I go in”. Mrs. Salu said “ you could go with Buster, Sam, and William “. When Sam, Buster, and William had heard that Andy got put in there team they were all moaning at Andy and saying “ ooh man we don’t want you in our team “. When Andy heard that Buster, William, and Sam had said that to Andy he felt very sad. When the game had started Buster was bossing Andy around and acting like he is the boss of Andy. Once Mrs. Salu bowled the whistle they played the ball. Every time when Andy was free no one passed the ball at him. That made him want to change his mind on being on the basketball team but he couldn’t go because Mrs. Salu already put his name on the list. After the game Mrs. Salu said to all of the boys “ hay good game out there I will pick the teams next week”. The boys respond “ Yes Mrs. Salu “.

A few days later not even a week later Mrs. Salu had already put out the list. All the boys that tried out they all came bursting through everyone else and then came running to the list. As they came Andy was the last one to list. As he was waking he saw everyone's facial he knew by they face if they did make the team or didn’t make the team. Most of the boys had a happy face but Andy was so shocked when he Busters face and William face. They were sad that they didn’t make the team. As he saw the team all of the spots were filled accept two spots. Those two spots went Sam and Andy, Andy was so happy that he got the spot but on the other hand Sam was happy but sad at the same time because his friends didn’t make the team. As heaps of training days came passed Sam and Andy were working as a team and they became good friends along with William and Buster. They were also good friends in the classroom. They also didn’t say anything about Andy or anyone.

A few days later Sam and his friends had apologised to Andy on what they had said at the try outs. After the apology Andy had forgiven them. He was so happy he had Sam, Buster, and William as his friends. Days later Andy was helping Sam, Buster, and William on their work well at lunch time Sam was teaching Andy some new skills. As they got older they were more than best friends they were like brothers. Andy, Sam, Buster, and William lived happily ever after. The End.

This story meant Sam, William, and Buster went from bullies to friends with Andy. They were nice to everyone they were super good friends.

Wednesday, 8 August 2018


Today day we have started our writing task for week 3. For this writing we all will be making up a story which was a narrative. Just to let you know this is just my plan but I will be working on my writing tomorrow. This will also be telling you what my story is based on, who my characters are and what there name are, where the story will be which is what the setting will be, and a problem and a resolution. Stay tune for my actually narrative. I hope you like what my story will be about. Also My story is based a sports and school work.

Wednesday, 1 August 2018


This is my DMIC problem for week 2. My goal for the next DMIC problem is that my group can talk more. I hope you had liked what I had learnt.

Friday, 27 July 2018


This is my first maths task for term 3. I hope you like this.


This is my first reading task for term 3. What we had to do was we had to read the book then we had to make the poster. What I had to do was that I had to make a poster about the main character and a poster about me. I hope you like it.


For the past 2 weeks Pt England school was on holiday. When school holidays were over we had to go back to school on Monday the 23rd of July. On the first day back at school we always have an Immersion Assembly. If you did not know what was an Immersion assembly well I going to be telling you. Immersion assembly is when we get to know what is the topic for this term. Also we get to know what all of the team are going to be learning about this term. It is also helpful for us to get together as a school. Anyways the topic for this term is move ya body. That means to get moving and being active and having a lot of energy.

As we sat down to start the assembly Mr. Somerville and Mr. Jacobson were on the stage I was wondering why they are on the stage. Then they turned on a song and started to dance me and my friends started to laugh a bit. Then Mr. Burt came out with short short on and a singlet as well. We started to laugh louder and louder. A while after that Mrs. Nua was telling kids to go on the stage and dance. After that we all had to stand up and dance as well. It was so fun and a good start to our first day back at school. After we finished we sat down again. Then Mr. Brut had said “ you did not have enough energy so that means we are going to have to do it again. We were all moning saying that we didn’t want to do it. We had no choice but to just dance so we did it. It wasn’t Mr. Burt who was leading it, it was Mrs. Haare.

After the dance we all sat back down again we went straight on to team 1.

This was the best that I could do but I still have more explaining to do when I have time to. I think I have done pretty well. I hope you still like me Please Leave a Comment Thank You.

Tuesday, 24 July 2018


This was my first DMIC problems for term 3. For this problem we had to work with kilometres and meters. this wasn't that hard because Fire Kelly gave us an example and it made it much easier. But I what I didn't like very much was that my group and I didn't really talk with each other and we didn't explani what we were doing and yeah. But what I did like is that we all understand what we did and we try our best and we also got our answer in time. But sadly we did get the answer wrong. It was still very fun to do.


This is my planing for my Immersion assembly that we had on Monday the first day back at school.

Monday, 23 July 2018

Thursday, 5 July 2018


This is my Talanoa project. I hope you like it. Please leave a comment thank you.


This term we did the 40 hour famine challenge. Hope you enjoyed. Please leave a comment. Thank you.


This was our research for term 2. The group that I was in was the Flight Historians. I hope you enjoyed. Please leave a comment. thank you.


This week the year 5 and 6 extension group had an paideia seminar. There is more information in the google slide. Please Leave A Comment. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!

Week 9 Reading Task

This was what I did for reading on week 9. Hope you enjoyed what I had learnt. Please Leave a comment. Thank You So Much.

Wednesday, 4 July 2018

Glider Competition

This week room 10 did a glider competition. When it was our turn to fly it first we had to talk about our gliders then we had to throw it. It was so cool. Please leave a comment thank you so much.

Tuesday, 3 July 2018

My Animation

Hi my name is Oalii and this term we had to create an animation based on force and flight. I decided  that I will make a plane flying in the air. Lift, lifts up the plane so it can up in the sky. Weight, gravity is the same as weight so gravity and weight pulls an object towards earth. Thrust, Thrust pulls the plane forwards. Drag, drag pulls the object backward. Thanks For watching.

Thursday, 28 June 2018

Our Talanoa DLO Project

This My Talanoa project. We had to do this because a group of people went with Mrs. Lagitupu on a trip to the Museum. It was so cool. In my group there was Jane, Madi, Norah Jade, and me. We also did a movie but right now we are just editing the films. If you were wondering this is our planing for the Talanoa DLO project. I hope you like our planing. Please leave a comment. Thank You so very much.

Wednesday, 27 June 2018

My Skydiving Imagination Writing.

Step 4: Start writing.

→ WOW! What an experience that I just had. I went skydiving last Tuesday morning near the airport. I went with my siblings and my Dad.

As we were putting on the clothes that we had to wear I was so nervous my heart was racing!!! I was nervous because height isn’t really my thing. I tried to make some excuses so that I didn’t have to go but all of my excuses didn’t work. I might as well just go skydiving. Anyway, we had to wear a funny looking mask.

As we got in the plane and the plane started to lift off, I got even more nervous because the door was open and I thought that we would fall out of the plane. As we got higher and higher I got more and more nervous. As we got to the height that we wanted to jump from, we got ready. Ready for what? We got ready to jump off the plane!

The first ones to jump off the plane were my siblings then my Dad and then finally me because remember, I am so scared of heights. When it was my turn I did a little prayer to GOD to help me face my fear. The reason I prayed to GOD because I knew that when i am with I can do anything.

When I jumped off it felt like ice cream hitting my face. All of a sudden this big force of wind just hit me in the face. It was so powerful I turned into warm to cold. Even though I had a suit I was still freezing.

As I got to the grassy field, I was so happy because I just faced my fear of heights. After that we went back home because we were so tired. On our way home I fell asleep because I was the tired one.

That day was one of the best days of my life.

This is my writing that I did this week. I had to use our imagination  to write about the time we went skydiving. So what I had wrote about was not true. I hope you enjoy my writing. Ohh and Please leave a comment thank you so much. 

I wonder if you can use your imagination to write something out? 

Friday, 22 June 2018

Polygon Task

This what we did for maths week 8. This week we were learning about Polygons.. I hope you like this. Please leave a comment thank you.

My Glider Design

we are talking about force and flight. SO we all had to make a glider by yourself. Once we finish design we get to fly it with a lego man. While we are flying it we will see which glider will fly first. I hope you like my glider design. 

Thursday, 21 June 2018

My Reading Task For Week 8

This is what we did for our reading task for week 8. This was so fun but hard at the same time. I also worked with my friend Madi. I hope you like what I was learning about. Please leave a comment thank you. 

Tuesday, 19 June 2018

Fuelling Extinction Task.

This was our reading task for week 3. We read this book called Fuelling Extinction. What we had to do was we had to go though the book and find any countries and see what that countries are about. 

Friday, 15 June 2018

My Own Cross Word.

This is my Crossword that I did.  I hope you get some words right. Also I put in some clues for you. Please leave a comment thank you.

Matariki Day

On friday Pt england school had an matariki day. Matariki day is when the whole school moves into a different class. One of those classes would do either sports, cooking, movie making, and also arts and craft. I got put into arts and craft. Also the class that I was in was room 9 and 10 some my original class. My teachers was also Miss west. We were making and matariki picture on the imacs. Also in that art we had to put in our self in it. I thought that it would be impossible to do that but we all just had to try it and so I did. In our class there was big kids and little kids and was not that much imacs for all of us. So what we had to do was buddy up with all of the little kids and work with them. I buddy up with a little girl by the name of Leata she was a lovely years 2. At first I thought that it was so boring but then as it was getting through the day it got more fun and i started to enjoy it but i still wanted to be in sports with my friend Jane. But I still had a lot of fun in my class. Anyways what we had to do was that we had to draw a picture on the imac with the seven stars. After Leata and I did all of that we got to draw whatever we wanted on the next page. Next after that, Miss. West took a photo of is the she put on our imacs. If you were wondering how could Miss. West do that well she connected her phone on our imac then she uploaded it in desktop. After she did all of the Miss. West told as to cut off all of the outside and make sure that you could only see the body nothing else. So I did Leata and my photo it took a long time to do it. Once I finished both pictures I got Ctrl c Ctrl v and put it in our matariki picture. It actually look really cool. After lunch we had another school assembly. But the difference between the morning assembly and the afternoon assembly is that the afternoon assembly shows what we had done through the day and what we had created. What was cool was that we saw our creation that we did though the day. They showed leata and mine picture it was so cool. After the assembly Mr. Burt went team by team to make sure they go to the right place at the right time and also to make sure that other peoples creation are not ruined. So after we all got to go back to our normal classrooms. When we got to our classroom we got to go back home. When I was walking I felt so tired I had fell asleep in the car.

I hope you like what i had done on matariki. Please leave a comment thank you.

Thursday, 14 June 2018

Reading task

This is our reading task for week 6 and now we have to do the Samoan cross word. This was super fun. After the cross word Ihave to make my own cross word using 10 words from the book that I read.

DMIC Problems

This was our DMIC problem for week 3.

Wednesday, 13 June 2018

My Maths Work For Week 4

This is what we did for maths in week 4. Hope You Enjoy. Please Leave A Comment Thank You.

My Maths Work For Week 5

This is what we worked on for maths in week 5 it was so fun. Hope you enjoy. Please Leave A Comment Thank You.

My Week 6 Maths Problem

This is what we did for maths on week six. Hope you enjoys. Also Please Leave A Comment Thank You.

Tuesday, 12 June 2018

My Term 1 Research

This is my Term 1 research about the Maori tribe. The people that was my group was Levonah and Kahurangi.  For my research I had to talk about harakeke. It was so much fun. Please leave a comment thank you.

My DLO For Term 1

This is my DLO for term 1. The group that I was in was the Maori Tribe. This was a lot of fun filming and making the movie. Please leave a comment thank you.

Wednesday, 6 June 2018

My Animation Planing

This is what I am learning about this term. This is also what I will be doing for my animation. Please leave a comment Thank you. I hope you like what I learnt about force and flight.

My Narrative

Once upon a time there was an girl named sandy. Everyday sandy would fill up an bucket of water for all of the animal. The animal that will always and have a drink is bees, mouses, chickens, camels, and also huge cows. The reason why she will fill up buckets of water it was because none of the animals had any water where they lived. So sandy dieced to give so water to all of the animals. Sandy also will give them so some food so that they won’t always be hungry. All of the animal would cross an bridge. Once they will cross a bridge the bucket filled with water and the food would be there.

But one day a cow cross the bridge but there was no food of water there, even worse it was a scorching hot day. The reason why there was no water or food was because sandy forgot to do it early in the morning. But instead she slept in. the reason why she slept was because she was so tired and she slept very late at night. Then came along the a camel. The camel cross the bridge as the camel was walking he saw the cow. Once the camel came across the bridge he saw that there was no food or water in front of there was only a bucket but that bucket had no water. The camel got very angry. But sandy was still in bed sleeping. Then came along the bees. The bees didn’t have to walk because they already have wings. Anyways all of the bees rushed up to the bridge crossed the bridge because it was so hot and they were hoping for some water. Then they saw the camel and cow standing near the buck and the food. As they got there they also saw that there was no water and no food. They got so angry some even sting the cows and the camels. Then came along both chickens and the mouse. There was only one one mouse and to big chickens. As they were walking they saw the cow the camels and the bees there.

This is what i did in 40 min. I couldn't do heaps because I had a meeting for the 40 hour famine. I hope you like it please leave a comment thank you.

Wednesday, 23 May 2018

My Narraive

Begin Writing Here: Once upon a time there lived a girl named Jada. Today on the 7th of March there was a carnival this morning and at there carnival. At the carnival it had an Hot air balloon and with that anyone could hop in it and take a ride up in the sky. Jada diecded to go for a ride on the hot air balloon. In the hot air balloon there were some sticks for the fire to make it fly. It also had some telescopes so that they can just look at the view. She also packed some food and a bottle of water just for safety and so Jada doesn’t get hungry.

As Jada was going into the sky all of a sudden the fuel goes out. Jada started to shout out “ help!! Help!! “. For awhile she just remembered that there were stick to make the fire. Jada didn’t have anything to light up the fire. The reason why she had to light up the fire was because so that Jada could go up high. If the hot air balloon goes down it could certainly injury Jada or somebody else. When Jada got lower and lower she started to panic harder and harder.

Lucky an man came to tell the police man and his crew. When they came to the problem they brought a trampoline. The reason why they brought the trampoline was so the Jada could softy on to it. What are they going to do with the hot air balloon? What they did with the hot air balloon was that they put it in a big big rubbish bin. The reason why they put it in the rubbish bin was because the hot air balloon was just a mess it was so muddy. After all of that had happen Jada went to go and enjoy her time at the carnival. When Jada came back she decided to go back home a write about her journey at the carnival. Jada lived happily ever after. The End!!!

Thursday, 17 May 2018

DMIC Problem 2 - Week 3

This week Pt England School were fostering some eels. So Miss. West decided to make an DMIC problem. It was super fun ti do. I hope you can learn something from me. Please leave a comment thank-you.

Wednesday, 16 May 2018



On Monday our teachers Miss. West and Mrs. Moala did an experiment. From the look of the start of the video I already knew that it was going to be based on gravity and weight. Also if you did not know weight is not the same. The reason why I think that weight is not the same it is because some things can be light and some things can be heave. Miss. West and Mrs. Moala was testing out weight and gravity was with sports balls. They used a big heavy basketball, a bouncy ball and one of those Christmas glass balls.

What I found out was that some parts of the video were about physics. Also strength or energy which is needed for something to move. Gravity is the force that pulls an object to a planet. The last thing that I found out was that force is the same as energy.

When I watched the experiment, I thought that if both the sports balls were dropped at the same time and from the same height, then the basketball would drop first.


As we were watching the video Miss. West and Mrs. Moala were asking question to each other and saying why one of the balls were going to drop first on the floor. Miss. West had chosen the heavy basketball and Mrs. Moala had chosen the little and light Christmas ball. They tested it out. When they both dropped it at the same time, Mrs. Moala's Christmas ball dropped on the floor and shattered all over the floor. After that they had to clean up all of the glass that smashed on the floor. Then they tested it again. When they tested it they both decided that Mrs. Moala would drop them both at the same time. When Mrs. Moala dropped it at the same time they both bounced on the floor at the same time. Also, there was a basketball, and a little bouncy ball.

When Miss. West and Mrs. Moala tested the basketball and the Christmas ball. When they tested it the Christmas ball dropped on the floor before the basketball. But when they tested it again, they tested it with the basketball and a little bounce ball. But when they tested it with both balls they both dropped on the floor at the same time.

So the reason why on the first try the little Christmas ball hit the floor was that, that ball didn’t have any weight to it an because the basketball had a lot of weight on it. It also smashed on the floor because it was glass. So Miss. West and Mrs. Moala had to clean up all of the glass so that we don’t step on it. And the reason why on the second drop they both hit ground was because Mrs. Moala drop both sports balls at the same time and from the same height.

I hope you liked it. Please leave a comment thank you so much

Gravity and Weight

For this weeks writing we all as a class had to watch a video and that video was all about gravity and and a little bit of weight. So Hope you guys liked what we are learning about. Please leave a comment thank-you.

Miss. West and Mrs. Moala Movie.

Friday, 11 May 2018

Reading Task 2

This was my reading task two. What we had to do was Miss. West gave us word and we had to write down the the definition and a link to the racing  cars. It was so cool. How I got the link to the racing car was I got it from and book called Red Hot Racer. So yeah this is Task to of week ones reading. Please leave a comment thank you.

Wednesday, 9 May 2018

Reading Task

This was what we were learning about for our reading. We had to draw a car and then we had to draw the keys to a racing car. I hope you liked my car that I did thank You. Please leave a comment on my blog post thank you again.

Tuesday, 8 May 2018

FiaFia Night

On the last Thursday of the the school term, pt england school had our very own FiaFia night. We had our FiaFia night out on the school field. To me Fiafia is just about having fun and showing different kind of culture. It is also about showing item to what that culture means to. The group that I was in and my friend was the Samoan group. We had to wait there for a very long time because we were the last group to perform on the stage.

Anyways when it was a our turn to perform we had to wait on the side of the stage. When we were waiting there were a group of audience standing in front of us that made it hard for me to see the group that was performing. When we went to the other side of the stage we saw some baby oil. When I saw the baby oil I put a lot on my arm’s and on my legs. It also helped me get a little bit warm and I also put some on my face two.

After the tonga boys were done because we were after them. We got in our two line to get on the stage. As I was walking on the stage I felt very nervous but the good thing was that I was standing in front of the light which made me much more warmer. As we stood up to go to the back my feet were starting to not feel my feet it was like I had no feet it was just my legs but I just kept on dancing. Thing that I heard was my sister cheering and screaming for my brother and I on the side with their friends. As we finish our first song and moved on to SoSo Mai that was when could NOT feel my feet.
After the SoSo Mai song all the girls had to move off the stage. The reason why the girls had to go off was because the boys had to finish off our item with and Samoan Haka. Once we walked the stair I wanted to see the boys do the haka. Did you also know that while they were doing there haka I was cheering for them and so did the girls that were with me and the rest of the girls went back to there changing room because there were so so cold. I was to but I still wanted to watch the boys because even if they were in our group none of the girls got to see the haka. After they did there haka we all went back to our changing rooms to get change and to go back home. As I was walking to my changing room I was so so freezing, I was so cold that I felt like an Ice block. Once we got to our changing rooms I straight away got changed and went back home. As we got to our house I jumped in my bed with all four blankets on me and fell asleep I was so cold I needed one more blanket to top it off.

These link to the song that we did hope you like our song thank you.

Sunday, 6 May 2018

Flipping Fraction

This was my maths work for week one term two. 
there were three maths work that you can do and I had chosen flipping fractions.
if you can't see it I will right it down here for you.

Tanya made a chocolate slice and cut it into 12 pieces. She decided to share it equally with to friends.

Question 1. How many pieces will each person get? 4 because 3 x 4 = 12 or 12 divided by 3 is 4.
Question 2. How many pieces and what fraction would each person get if the slices were shared among: A. 4 people/3 4 x 3 = 12 B. 6 people/2 6 x 2 = 12 C. 6 people/2 6 x 2 = 12 

Question 3. How many pieces and what fractions would each person get if a 24-piece slice were shared among: A. 6 friends/4 6x4=24 B. 8 friends/3 8x3=24 C. 12 friends/2 12x2=24

So all this maths was for if you couldn't see sorry. Anyways I hope you like what I was doing for math this week. Please leave a comment thank you so much.

Friday, 4 May 2018

Immersion Assembly Recount

In the morning of the first day back at school after the holiday. The Pt england school had our very own Immersion assembly in our school hall. As I was walking through the hall I felt very tired the reason why I was very tired was because i was very excited I slept very late. Anyways once we all were in the school hall Mr. Jacobsen put on a video with Miss. Va’afusuaga on the roof with an hopper and with and trampoline on the floor. What she was doing was she was trying to make force so the hopper can use force to bounce high. But Sadly both tries didn’t turn out how we wanted it to turn out it was because when Miss. Va’afusuaga throw the hopper it came out with not that much force.

After a while It was team one had to show us what they are learning about and how they showed was that they made a video. There video was about all of team one teachers were going to the beach. But suddenly an huge rock was in there way and that meant they couldn’t get to the beach. So all of the teachers gather up and tries to get a way to move the big rock out of the way. But neither of there idea didn’t work so they looked up online how to move huge object out of the way. Once they looked at how to move the object they tried it. What they had to do was that they had to look for an long and heave tree branch and with the tree branch they had to put the branch underneath the rock and they had to try to jump, on the branch so that the rock can move out of there way. First Mrs. Dwyer tried to jump on the brauch but it didn’t have that much force when Mrs. Dwyer. Then came along Mrs. Lal and when they both jumped it gave more force and that made the rock move. And so they hoped in the car and got to the beach and had a lovely time. I really liked there movie, so team one is learning about how you can make force.

Moving on to was team 2 turn to show us what they are learning about they did something a little different to team one the differences was that they didn’t make a movie they actually were acting. What the theme was, was The Wheels in motion. The act was about Miss. Moran, Mrs. Tumahai, and Miss. Carten Playing with wheel in class, and Miss, Gaston was telling them off. But they will just keep on play with different things with wheels on it. It was so funny The part that liked about there acting was when Miss. Moran fell off the troll and I like there songs to. So they are learning about wheels in motion.

After that it was team three’s turn to show us what they were learning about. They were learning about the physical of sport. So they went out to the playground and doing a lot of fun things. Like dancing playing on the swing playing and the slide too. They also made a video they didn’t act. I loved there Movie it was so fun and that's what it is all about just have fun. I also like there songs. My favorite about this movie was when Mr. Moran and Miss. King was dancing. It is very fun to be physical at the playground.

After that it was team five turn and they were learning about their strength. So they were play tug of war. They play three on three the first team they were undefeated in 63 years. They were Miss. Tapuke, Mrs. Stone, and

Mrs. Sio and the other team was Mr. Moran, Miss. Moran, and Miss. Parrant. In the first round it was just a normal round and in that round Mr. Moran, Miss Moran, and Mrs. Parrant won. Then it was the next round and in that next they had to where gloves. Miss. Tapuke, Mrs. Stone, and Mrs. Sio chose the gardening gloves and Mr. Moran, Miss. Moran, and Mrs. Parrant chose just the normal gloves. I thought that Miss. Tapuke, Mrs. Stone, and Mrs. Sio were going to win because there gloves had more grip than Mr. Moran, Miss. Moran, and Mrs. Parrant gloves. Miss. Tapuke, Mrs. Stone, and Mrs. Sio won the second round. The next round nothing changed but Mr. Moran, Miss. Moran, and Mrs. Parrant wanted put dishwashing soap on their gloves. When they put dishwashing soap on their gloves I new they were going to lose the reason why I thought that was because there gloves are going to be very slipper and I was right it was to slipper. So Miss. Tapuke, Mrs. Stone, and Mrs. Sio were still undefeated. It was so funny.

If you were wondering why did you skip team 4. The reason why I skipped team 4 was because that was my team and also I wanted to make sure you guys know exactly what we are learning about. So we are learning about how thing fly or how do you make things fly. So team 4 teacher made a movie with things that use force for the object to fly. They also tried to do one of the object but made it in there own way it was a very cool aircraft. When they tested it, it sadly was an fail just like the hopper. The aircraft didn’t have enough gravity. It was really funny because when they throw the aircraft and it landed right in front of the team 4 teacher that was also my favourite part about team four’s turn.

So that was a our Pt England School immersion assembly. It was very fun and I hope you had fun reading this.

Wednesday, 18 April 2018

My Family's Adventure

This is my family adventure Part One. Just Wait for Part 2 It will be just as fun as part One Thank - you. Please leave a comment Hope you like me and my siblings adventure.

Thursday, 12 April 2018


1. Helping
2. Manners
3. Being Kind to each other
4. Using your W.I.T.S
5. Looking After our environment
6. Being and task
7. Being Cybersmart
8. Doing the Pt England way.
9. Never giving up
10. Finishing your School work
11. Wear it with pride
12. Helping your teachers
13. To talk with each other.
14. Sharing your Ideas
15. Keeping it real.
16. Playing the right way
17. Stop think and do
18. A tap not a kick
19. Responding at the right time
20. Being at the right places
21. Being amazing
22. Being Positive

23. Learning creating and Sharing

These are my top 23 things that you can show respect]. Thank you. please leave a comment Thank you