Thursday, 24 September 2020

Kei te pehea te ahua o te rangi?

Kia Ora, fellow blog readers. This is my Te Reo task for this week. This time the question was based around weather. So our teacher created a slide show for us to accomplish. This was the same task as last week but a different question. So we had to figure out what kind of weather it was in the picture. This was a super fun task learning how to pronounce the weather in Maori. As always along with this task I created a comic strip for my create task. I loved how it turn out. Thanks for listening. 

As I Saw it ~?

Hello fellow readers. This is another As I saw It task. I finished this task with my classmate Zamera. So for this task we carried on with the James Cook and the Maori's task. We each had an object that was either in the hands of a Maori person or in the hands of the person working for James Cook. When had to find out weather this object was traded and how it was used in this sistuation. 

Monday, 21 September 2020

As I saw It ~

Hello Blog readers. This is another ~ As I Saw It ~. The Walt I had for this task was to understand how people remember and record the past in different ways. I worked with my friend Zamera. We each had a topic to research about, and to give us a head start Mrs. Stone give us site to read off from.

The topic our picked was to find out what was life like for Maori's in the 1769. As I researched I found out was that it was super hard to find information about my topic. I also learned Pekeha's tend to write there information's down, as with \Maori's they tend to speak aloud, so there voices are clearly heard.

Sunday, 20 September 2020

Tuvalu WorkShop

So today team 5 were lucky enough to be a part of 2 workshops. The first workshop was based on theater performance , and the second workshop was based on Tuvalu dance.

Last week Rm 5, 1, and 4 took part in the theater workshop. Rm 11, 3, and 2 took place in the Tuvalu based workshop, we had to switch around. Which meant I had to contribute to the Tuvalu workshop.

Part of the Tuvalu workshop was to make sure we understood their cultural traditions, and just their culture in general.

Molia was the lady who ran our workshop, along with her assistant Mary Ann.

The first thing we did was learn the basic but important facts about Tuvalu. One thing I learnt that was interesting was that the Islands of Tuvalu is actually the 4th smallest country in the world. And there's about 11,00 people in tuvalu.

From there we got to learn about the unique dance costumes that are used for their traditional dances. We also learned about how to make those unique costumes. We learnt about the Fou, Safe, Titi kulama, and Titi toa, those were just the main 4 costumes they introduced to us.

Not long after that we start a Tuvalu dance. We had split into 2 groups: a girls group and a boys group. Us girls had to follow Mary Ann and the boys leader was Molia.

The dance was short and sharp. All we needed to do was listen up and follow the instructions. As we did we finished learning the moves and actions.

Overall it was super fun getting to know about the islands of Tuvalu. And even though Tuvalu language week is in the holidays it's great two know we did something to celebrate it. And I bet all of us enjoyed that wonderful experience.

Thursday, 17 September 2020

Taha Wairua ~

This my final Te Whare Tapa wha task. Which is Taha Wairua. Taha Wairua is based around your spiritual health. 

So basically I had to get a coloured object and say it in Maori. I've done this sort of task before so I concord it pretty well. This was a super fun task to finish. Hope to do it again sometime.

He aha te tae ?

Kia Ora. This is a Te Reo based task. The Walt for this task was ~ ask and answer questions about what things are.~ In this case the question for this task was He aha te tae ? ~ Makawe ~. Then our follow up task I had to answer the questions on the slides in Te Reo. This was a super fun task to accomplish.  Along with this comes with a comic strip hope you enjoy.

Wednesday, 16 September 2020


Today we had to work out the volume of a box without a lid. We got to pick the size of the box and create it, we were trying to find the largest volume . :)