Monday, 27 February 2017

Ice Cream

The Ice Cream Cone
It was a hot scorching day. So my dad went and got me a wonderful colourful yummy rainbow melty ice cream. We were at a market I went with my dad to by my ice cream so when the worker was is done with my ice cream I can hold it by myself. When I was about to take a lick my lips were pushing on the ice cream and the ice cream fell on the ground so i just had to eat the ice cream cone. It was still yummy.                                         
                                                     THE END

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Friday, 24 February 2017

Funday Firday

On firday we do funday Firday but its only if we be very good. What we do for funday Firday is the whole team 3 always goes in the hall to do just dance. We do just dance from after morning tea all the way to lunch time that how we do heaps of exercise. We also have a break befor we do just dance.

Our favourite just dance vidoe was like the celling can't hold us and watch me whip. After we did those 2 video we had a break and sat down and talk about this video that were are going to play. The video that we play was a boy and a girl. We did have a funday Frday. 

Then we walk back to class and the kapa haka people came the lunch time bell just ringed. And we had other long break. Now that was over we finishes off funday with quite freetime also we finished it off with some waita and some moana song.

                                                                    THE END

The Bike Track

On Thrsday we had the bike track opening. Before we went to the bike track we did ICT and Maker space. The whole Pt England School went down at the back fied where the gates are. We walk form maker space & ICT all the way to the fied.

After we got there the sinor kapa haka were all ready there. Once we sat down the school played a Samoan sony that was called we know the way form moana.  When the whole school came we begen it off with a nice karakia. Then we did a waita.

Then there was a few vaister form other places that help buid the bike track. we are so thankful of them. They came up and talk about some thing about bikes. Then Mr.Burt said '' THE BIKE TRACK IS OPEN !''.

Then the bikers went up and got a bike. The 2 people how was riding the bike in our class was Leylani and Jerry. They were the first person that ride the bike track and some other people form other classes. When they were done we cloes it off with a waita and a karakia.

Thursday, 23 February 2017

The Sea Side

One day  it was a scorching hot day. So  we decided to go to the beach. We went at 1pm on a Wesday. My family went with me to the beach. We went in my dads van to get there. 

At the beach we saw some shells. we saw scallops,mussels,and broken shells,also oysters. We had a snack when we had a snack birds started to come near us because the birds were very hungre so we decided to give the birds a pack of beard.

After that we waited a little bit. And the after my food digest when the food digest we can be able to go for a swim in the sea. We had to always have to be with mum or dad whoever is there with you. So we or you can be safe out in the sea.

So we just had a swim. When we had a swim we played dojj ball with the beach ball. It was so fun because the whole family played dojj ball. After the long swim that we had. We all got into dry colthes. Then we hoped into the van driv back home. When we were like about half way there some of us fell asleep. That was the best day ever.

Wednesday, 22 February 2017

The creek

On friday Mrs.Moala reading and writing class went down to Omaru creek. We had to walk down to the Omaru  creek.Also we went behind Pt England School.

Before we went down to the creek Miss Teleso took the roll then we were off to the creek. We went through the field  and through the gate.

At Omaru creek we saw a lot of rubbish there was empty bottle,paper, and plastic bags. Also we saw ducks,pukekos, and birds.and dog poo.

There was no duck or pokekoes in the creek because some people put the wrong things in the in the toilet and sink .That’s why we have be careful about we put in the toilet and sink.

We always have to be careful of what we put in the toilet and sink because that’s why some duck and pukekos don’t really go in the creek. It will also make the creek dirty and smelly.