Sunday, 29 October 2017

What I Did At My Church

Today in the morning me and my Auntie went to Church. The first thing that we did in the Church was saying an opening pray to God. Then we moved on to singing a son that the Church made up about God and about how small things make a big change. Then there was a family who got interviewed by the REV the family was talking about the baby that they had not long ago. Then we said a pray for all the sick people in the Church, so that God can heel them my Auntie went up she didn't fell very well, but after the pray that they had it made her fell good. After that we sang more song while some people went up to go give money to support the Church. Then we had another pray for all of our family and to also thank the people who work there at the Church. After that the worker's gave us and little bottle of water but that wasn't any water. The water was for if we had any pain we just had to add a drop to a drink and then drink it, it will take away the pain that we had. After all of that was done we said an closing pray then me and my Auntie went and brought some things that my nana needed for her lunch. And the was the end of my morning please leave a comment.


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