Wednesday, 29 March 2017

EJ The Big Jump Chapter 2

When EJ jump she pulled the cord when she pulled the parachute opened and she began to float down to the sea shen saw a large ship. Then she notice that, that was there shine ship A1 said that they are going to land on it. EJ pulled to cords she steered her way until she was floating over the deck. Then she landed. After when she landed she said to herself ''maybe I am braver than I thought''. The ship's captain came over to EJ and said ''great landing agent! Then someone came and said welcome aboard Shining Star 2. Then she introduces  herself and said her name just when A1 dropped. Then captain c showed EJ and A1 around. She also said that in shining star 2 we do a lot of sea life rescues work. Once she finished  talking she she pointed to a dolphin in a padding pool. 'She got caught up a fishing net. And said but she will soon be well and can go back to the sea'. Sirens began to sound on the ship. BWAP! BWAP! BWAP!!. EJ said is this a drill? she wondered she also hope that it was a drill. She looked up at the worried face of A1 and Captain c. It was not a drill. EJ's worry butterfly were back. They all went to the captain's bridge. There was a large screen on the dashboard. On the screen was a map of the sea. 'Look at the black on the map said Captain c. 'That's an oil spill'. Could a ship be leaking asked A1. have you checked replied c. There are no leak. But look said EJ The black section is getting bigger, that means more oil's leaking!' Yes it does  said A1 but were from? Then captain c stopped that the baby seal are in danger! We are going to have to split up said A1. She said you will need to be by yourself, EJ. Are you ready to do a solo as a real angent? she didn't have time to think about whether she was ready. She only thought about the animals!

                                                            To be Continued

Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Compound sentences


Simple Sentences
Jen took out her Chromebook.  Jen’s Chromebook was flat.

Compound sentence
Jen took out her Chromebook, and her Chromebook was flat.

In class this week we are learning about compound sentences. It mean that you can put 2 sentences together that's how you make a compound sentences. I just did one up the top here I have the compound sentences and the simple sentences.

Friday, 17 March 2017

Swimming Recount

But .

We are in term 1 and the room 11 and 12 are going swimming. We go swimming on Mondays and Wednesdays. We are swimming because we need to take lesson so we could get better at swimming. We walk to the pools to get there we walked fast so we could not waste our time for swimming.

Before we even start to get in the pools we always have a quick shower. We have 3 swimming groups I’m in the middle group. They are 5 people that is in my group which is Sivaenah, T.J,  Bradley, and also Joseph. Meanwhile we got into our groups we had to get in the pools safely also our instructor was Jedd I think.

We learned about how to kept our balance.  And we always keep our arm and legs straight and also when we swim we have to keep our heads down in the water for 5 or 10 second so that we could take a breath. Also the first lesson that we took was super fun and it looked very  fun because we get to swim in the nice  cold and  shallow pool.

But when we go for another lesson I hope that we do a little bite of freestyle. That will be so fun Ii would love that to happen. That was a cool and wonderful lesson that we had. 20170306_132502.jpg

Friday, 10 March 2017

River Talks

On Thursday other school including us went to the river talk down at Omaru creek. We talked about how clean in is and what’s bad about it and what goes in it.

Once we got there,there was some other school. We had to stand behind the  gate. Then we went back to set down. When we sat down this girl was trying to make fire well this other girl was in a dress with rubbish on it.

Then we moved to the left to watch three people that came all the way from Tonga to  sing a song in English and one song in Tonga it was so awesome when they sang to us.  They were singing about the moana.

Then we moved again to see people playing the drum once they were done playing the drum. They called out three people from  each  school because they had to come and dance. The three people that were dancing from our school was Zoe,Antzel, and also Michael.

Finally once they were done we went back to school to have lunch. It was super fun at the river talks. And the other schools did the same thing as us went back to the school.

undersea gardens

In this book we were look at other seaweed. As if you didn't there 3 coloured seaweed there green,red,and also brown. They are some type of thing's that includes seaweed like ice cream,shampoo,and paint and more.

New Zealand Birds


  In this book were learned about NZ birds like Tui's, Piwakawaka, and more. In this book you can learn about wheat do they eat or what do they do. Sometimes we don't really see bird that were in this book even if it's in NZ.

Tuesday, 7 March 2017

EJ Spy School the big jump Chapter 1

It was a school day Emma was not at school. She was at spy school at that school she was learning to be a spy. Today was Emma last test once she is done with this test she'll be a real spy. The test was if she'll is a real spy she'd have to take her last test. So she went to put her jumping gear and climbed in the helicopter. They sat in their seats and when they went hay up to the sky she got butterfly in her poko. but she jumped anyways when she jumped she didn't have anymore butterfly she throght it was very fun and also when she jumped she was a real spy.

                                                                 TO BE Continued