Thursday, 7 April 2016

Alien snotball

I saw a alien snotball it was as small as my fingernail. It look like a blob and a green ball. Today I tryed an alien snotball when I tryed  the alien snotball it felt like the top of my head exploded and my mouth was on fire. Also I felt Dazed. After that Mr Blakey said “what dose it tasted like”. They I said “it is crunchy.

Uundersea gardens

Friday, 1 April 2016


In the morning we did gymnastics with Fleminio. At gymnastics we did lots of activities like handstand cartwheel and the bridge. But my favourite thing was the cartwheel and some other thing that I liked. I like the cartwheel because it is just fun to do it. Fleminio said “you guys go to the right side and you bus go to the left side”. He also said “you have to keep on trying and you will get it”. We had lots of fun we love gymnastics.