Thursday, 29 March 2018

Respect Animation

This Term the whole of team 4 are doing an animation all about Respect. Respect is very big thing to do when your at school at your nana's and papa's house and also at home. We had to chose between Respect your peers, Respecting your class, and Respecting your school. I  decided to pick respecting our school. What my animation is about is me walking around and picking up rubbish. I hope you like it. Please leave a blog comment thank you.

Wednesday, 28 March 2018

Week 5 Maths Task.

Today I decided to finish off my work. This task was an week five math task. You might think it is passed week 5 and I know. But I finished it ages ago but I didn't have time to post this. But anyways I hope you all like what I was learning in week 5. Thank - You. Please leave a comment thank you.

Monday, 26 March 2018


This Morning we started our learning off with reading. For reading We had this race for this race we got given a task. With that task there were question based on plastic. But we only had 30 minute in that 30 minute I would of finished all of the my question but there was heaps of noise. But even with all of the noise I nearly finished because I only had one more question but the time run out. I was very sad but it was very fun. 

Thursday, 22 March 2018

Reading Comprehension Task

In the task it was based about when you read a book you will have to pick two people who you think was respectful to someone. This was what the whole class did. Thank you. Please leave a blog comment if you like it. Thank you

Saturday, 17 March 2018

Years 5 and 6 2018 Camp

Last week on Wednesday we had our annual year 5 and 6 2018 camp at our very own school. This camp was a good experience for me and my friends  because we learnt more of spending time with our team and sleeping outside too. Anyways as I walked to the school hall all of a sudden I have weird feeling it my tummy. A while after we went to go get change in our togs because our first rotation was the killer zone. Also did I tell you that my team is called the green machine, the killer zone was for 2 team and so the team that we play up against was a team called the pollution police I  thought that the were a petty hard team. First Mr. J told us what to do. As he was telling us what to do his helper was demonstrating the things that Mr. J was saying. Then Out of nowhere he shouted “ On your marks get set GO”. The first thing that we all had to do as a team is that both teams had five squared shaped wood. With those five wood we had to try to get to the killer zone it was so hard for our team because our wood was wet and it was very small. A while after the Pollution Police managed to get over to the killer while our the green machine was still working out how to get to the killer zone. 2 minute passed and the green machine finally got to the killer zone. When we got to the killer zone there was an tray of water balloons and with those balloons the green machines had to target the balloons at the pollution police and the pollution police had to target the balloons at the green machines. So we all got one or two balloons each and target to each other. Once we all finish throwing all of our water balloons Mr. J said that “ your whole team has to go across to the other side but if you touch the outside of the grass that mean that you get eaten by the shark”. Then we all replied “Ok”. When we got to the the other side there was 5 of those siks. With those siks we had to go either siks and we had to go to the other side but remember there was only five of them. So what we had to do is that once the first five got to the other side then one person had to go pick up another four person so that took up alot of our time. But the green machine got to the other side before the pollution police I was very surprised because I thought it was going to be the other way but I was very happy to. After that one person had to hold up a tarpaulin so that we could all go under, it just like tunel. After that we had to do a slingshot once we started to do the slingshot the pollution just finished there ski and they even went under the tunnel two and they were on the same thing as us. With the slingshot we had to try to hit the tarpaulin to get points if it bounce and hit the tarpaulin that is one point but if you hit the tarpaulin in a full shot you get to points. A while after the green machine got all ten points we were all so happy. Then we had to throw a gumboot to the tarpaulin this game was just like the slingshot but with a gumboot also it was much more harder. After we finish that challenge the pollution police just finish there slingshot and now there were on there gumboot throw so that meant we had to go  do our next challenge which the sponge fun. What we had to do was there were two bucket one of them were filled up with water and one of them were empty. What we had to do is to try and use the sponge to fill up the empty bucket. As we nearly got to the top of the bucket the pollution police finish there gumboot throw and there were now on the sponge fun. Like I said as we got to the top of the bucket the bucket that was filled with the water was finish because some of the boys we playing around with the water and then the water finish. So Mr.J told us “just leave it go and do your other things ok”. So we all ran back to the tarpaulin and one person had to hold up the tarpaulin and all of the us went under it. After that we went back to the ski. We had to go fast because the pollution police finish there sponge fun and went under the tarpaulin that meant that there were on the ski walk just like us. Once they started to go on the ski we already got half of our team on the other side. But they had only one person to pick up while we had only one group to get on the other side. What was cool it that the pollution police and the green machine finish the ski walk at the same time. Then both teams had to run across to where we started at put our flag up we put our flag up at the same time two. But we had to wait for Mr. J to announce the winner of the killer zone. Before he announced the killer zone he asked the captains of each team to say something before  he says the winning team. After the captain's said there thing he announced the winners. Mr. J said “ the winning team is the Pollutions police”. We were sad and happy the reason why we were sad was because we did not win, and the reason why we were happy was that all it matters was having fun and we had heaps and fun a I was sure that pollution police was happy two. That tie of camp was a time I will never forget. Also a thank you to all of the parents who made this year 5 and 6 camp possible Thank you very much.

This is a video of me on the slip and slide this rotation was so so cool and also very fun too.

Monday, 5 March 2018

Waitangi Day Poster

You might be thinking it  passed Waitangi day. I just finish poster because I had some more work I had to do some other work anyways I finish my work is all it matter. Also if you didn't know why do we have Waitangi day, well we have Waitangi day because that was the day when the people had to sign the contract to make the fighting stop. So this it a poster about what why we have Waitangi day what we can do on Waitangi day two.

Sunday, 4 March 2018

My Daily Routine

In this maths work that my class and I did it was all based on our daily routine. It say when you wake up and when you go to school and even what you have lunch and morning tea time oh and also it say when we go to sleep. So basically what we have to do is we have to write the time in word also in digital and in clock face too. It was very easy and hard at the same time because I am kind of not good at reading clock faces. But if you were wondering how did you finish it though? Well I finish it with some help of some wonderful friends that I have. Oh and now I have gone so much  better at clock faces to. Please take a good look at my work. Please leave a comment on the blog post Thank You.

Saturday, 3 March 2018

Safety Swim

This week we thought that we would go out to the beach on Friday but we couldn't because it was a little bit of rain the floor was so we couldn't stand up all day at the beach. But in this blog post it was all about a site that my class and I have been looking at. This site was all about if we could swim in that beach or not. In this site it will tell you if you could swim at that beach or not. But we couldn't go to the beach which was a shame because it said in this site the beach that we were going to swim at had an green tick. oh and did I say that also on this site it has an green tick and orange tick and also an red x. But I won't say much more because I have some more things about this site in my work slides. Go have a look in. Also please leave an comment if you like it. Thank You.

Friday, 2 March 2018

Dictation Race

Oalii + Norah - Jade
Today was meant to be the day of the picnic. Sadly, it was raining today which meant we couldn’t go! Miss West packed her hat, sunblock and towel. Hopefully  we will get to go to the picnic later in the term as it is nice to go swimming and enjoy the sun at our very own beach!

So today we had an writing race and it is called a dictation race. So Miss West put the TV in another side so only one of us can go see the sentence. So we all got into pairs and one of us had to go back and forwards to the TV and say the sentence to the person with the chrome book. Also the person with the chrome book had to write what they said. The first pair that wrote the whole sentence then they win and when they win then they have a treat. So that in what an dictation race is.