Friday, 25 November 2016

How earthquakes happen

Our unfinished bike track

Yesterday we had a walk down the bike track. We saw big piles of dirt. There were wriggle worms. The bike track  had heaps of curves. It was a bit narrow and a bit like the train track. It was like we were going on a treasure hunter. It was also like we were walking on a graveyard. Trees and mud hills were watching us.

Wednesday, 23 November 2016

Rm14 heights

The boys are taller than the girl.
The median for the boys are 140cm.
The median for is 130cm.
But the girls are taller than the boys because they did it wrong.
Also some of the girls did it wrong to.

Thursday, 17 November 2016

Making ice cream

First we poured a half a cup of milk. Also we added a bit of sugar and vanilla. Because it give it more flavour.
After that we sealed the bag so the ingredients won't tip out. The I put into a even bigger bag and added the to cold ingredients salt and ice.
Then we sealed the bigger big again and start to shake it. 
We continued to shake. My one was just about finished when Mr. Blakey called the last group.
Finally I ate my ice cream. Also the reason I use the ice was to make it more colder and we used the salt to make the ice cream freeze faster.

Sky jump

Tuesday, 8 November 2016

Room 14 favourite Chocolate Bars

Kit Kat is the most popular out of all of them. Crunchie, snicker,and Mars is the least popular. Dream bar and dairy milk, Jelly tip, dark forest has the same amount. Also all them have one more person that likes Dream bar, dairy milk, Jelly tip, Dark forest than crunchie, Mars, and snicker.

Thursday, 3 November 2016

Making bread

First you will need the ingredients which is flour,salt, and also yeast and a scale. First we all have to wash out the grems or the bacteria. Then we got into pairs. Then put in 100g of flour then a pech of salt. After that we added 11/2 and ¼ TSP of yeast. Next Mr. Blakey added a bit of water in the dry ingredients and we kead it. Also why do we need yeast? “It's because so the bread rises”. Then Mr. Blakey came around and put flour on the baking paper. After that we split the dough into 2 pieces then we surrounding the dough with flour. Next we put it to 2 balls and then put them in the in the oven. It smelled like fresh baked bread right from the oven. The bread was crispy on the outside but in the inside its felt like dough. When I I ate the bread it tasted like dough and it's also taste really good with the butter. We had so much fun making bread.