Saturday, 28 October 2017

My Trip On The Plane To Samoa

On the 31st of September that was the Day we were going to Samoa also it was my Dad's birthday to. Me and my sisters stayed up all night so that we could sleep on the plane, we also wanted to shower early so that we can fresh'n up a little bit to. After we all got into nice and warm clothes we went to our nanas house so I can go with my Auntie and Uncle. While I was with them my Dad went to pick up my other Uncle so that he could look after the car. When we got to the airport my Dad weight all the  bags, my Dad said that all of our bags are pretty light, and the heaviest number was 23 so that was very cool of our bags being light. After that we went an put on the stickers on all of our bags and the put our bags in the plane. After that we all went up stair's and had some breakfast because we woke up so early that we didn't had any breakfast. While we were still at the airport it was time to say our goodbyes to our family's it was very sad saying goodbye to them. So we took some photo all together and we went thorw our gates. All we had to do was just wait until we could go on the plane so my dad brought us some lollies and drinks to take on the plane. When we went on the plane we were all sitting together so that we really good I was sitting next my Brother and my Dad. While I was in the plane I was watching Disney movies like Bunk'd and Best friends Forever and also I was playing some fun games. When I had a little play around with the safe on the plane I went for a long nap and so did my sister's and brother. When I woke up it was nearly time to land and in that time me and my Dad play games with each other like TIC TOE, Bowling, and also Bingo. I had a very good time spending some time with my Dad on his birthday. Finally we landed at Samoa when we got there they had to check our bags again. While we were there we saw some of our family then the Taxis came to pick us up and another one came to take all of our suit cases to the Resort where we were staying there for a while. We had to split up because we didn't have that much beds so it was boys it Suit 6 and Girls in Suit 4 but the boys always come to our Suit in the morning when are still sleeping. While anyways back to my day once we got there we got changed and had a little swim in the pool at the pools there was a  little small pool and there was also a huge big deep. After our swimming we went to go get ready into nice clothes because we went to look all around the city and had some dinner the dinner that we ate was pretty nice and yummy. After that we went to the shops to bye some drinks once we got to our Resort my Dad got the lollies then we went outside to play with the card but we went and played for the lollies that my Dad got form my suit case. After that we went back to our Suit's 6 and 4 and went to sleep. Today was a nice busy and fun day today I wonder we were doing the next day.


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