Monday, 16 October 2017

My Last Day At Samoa

On Tuesday it was the 11th of October and yes another day in Samoa. This morning was just another normal  morning like always. But suddenly my auntie came in and said that we are going back New Zealand. I really didn't want to go back because I still had shop for my family in New Zealand and also we had to go back on Saturday to. So I just went in the bathroom and had a shower after that I got dressed into nice things. After I got ready and that I was just relaxing in the living room.

Then we went to the air port to check in. Once we had finished cheeking in it was time to say goodbye to our family in Samoa. Then we went on the plane. On the plane we saw Murray from my Uncle's favourite TV show. Once we landed we went out of the plane and looked for our suitcases then we went to x-ray. after that was finished we went out the door that said exit here. When we saw our family we hugging and kissing our family in New Zealand. Then we went to go see my papa.

Then after that we went to our nana's house and had some food and drink because we were very hungry that time. Then some of us went to sleep and some of use were still awake after that my dad and my  brother and sister's went back home and I wanted to stay back with my nana. Once they went I went fast asleep I was very tried that time.

                                  That Was The End Of My Day


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  1. Oalii, this is a very nice recount of your last day in Samoa. I can't wait to hear all about your trip and the amazing things you saw and experienced in addition to the amazing time you had with your family in Sa!