Sunday, 29 October 2017

What I Did For The Rest Of My Evening

Later on that Day it started to become darker so we all went into the garage to sing a Samoa song and to also say a pray. After we had our pray we all had a little bit of a laugh and sending time all together. After that we said our goodbye's and went back home to get ready for school tomorrow but my brother and I stayed back to go with our Nana and Auntie and also my Uncle. While I was still at my nana I made myself a little milo and some toast. Once I finished that I put my dishes away then I just relax and I was also watching my program from Disney Channel. Later on I asked my Uncle if I could play on his laptop a that's when I wanted to do an blogpost about my night. Later on that night I went with my Auntie, Uncle, and Nana, and also my brother Kruz, back home. Then I went to sleep so that I won't be tired when I get to School tomorrow. And that was my night.                                            
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               WHAT I DID THIS EVENING !!!

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