Friday, 23 February 2018


Once upon a time there lived a girl named Carmella. Carmella decided to go have a walk down to have a look at the creek down near by Pt England school. So Carmella got her stuff and headed down to the creek. Finally Carmella was at the creek. She was so surprised because there was heaps and heaps of tagging on most of the pipes that Carmella saw. What she saw was heaps of overgrown grass and leaves. Also there was a path but I think it turned into a muddy path. Also what Carmella noticed was the pipes that had tagging on it. It was shaped like a T and she thought it was very cool. So Carmella decided to walk along the muddy path she was a really brave kind of girl. So she walk down the muddy path and suddenly Carmella ends up in a sticky also muddy tunnel tunnel. It had heaps of sticky white spider webs there were also very dirty water two. A little while after she saw some light across the tunnel. So she walked and walked until she got to the end of the tunnel. Once Carmella got closer and closer and then she saw bright light so she’d went closer and closer and finally she was there but then a creature came and cased Carmella. Carmella was running as fast as she could back to the start of tunnel. She got closer as she saw the light something happened to the creature it was almost like it was afraid of light so Carmella kept on running finally Carmella got out of the tunnel. So Carmella looked back in the tunnel and there was no creature. So she went back home to have some dinner with her family. The next day she went back to the creek to go put up an paper that said “DO NOT ENTER”. After all of that was done she decided to go back home and while Carmella was at home she got her writing book and she wrote all about what she did Yesterday. And Carmella lived happily ever After. The End.

Untie The Human Knot

Today instead of writing first, the class and I walked down to the field. We all played this game called Knot. It was a very fun game. So we all went outside in our colour groups like Red, Orange, Green, Yellow, Blue, and also Purple. Once we all got to the field we went to our groups again. In our groups we had to get in a little circle. Then on the count on 3 we all put our hands up. Next we had to link arms with the person that was either in front and also the person that was crossed over to you. But we weren't allowed to link arms with the person next to you because if you do it will not be a proper Knot. That is why we can’t do that in the game. The game was very hard because we had to try to untangle the knot two. But we were not allowed to let go of each others hands that made it very difficult for all of us. In about like 2 min went passed and not one group Mangier untangle the Knot. Finally one team Manier to untangle the knot and that team was my team the Orange Team. A little while the Red team got throw the hard knot two. After that Miss. West said to the Orange and the Red team to go lineup so that she could check on the other teams. Finally Miss. West came back and she said to the Orange and Red team “ you guys try to do it all together OK”. Then we all said “ Yes Miss. West”. So we all went in a circle and on the count on 3 we all put our hands up and then we linked each others hands that were in front of you or that was cross over to you. So we all link arms together and what happened was that all of our hands made the knot turn into heaps of hand looking like a blob. A while after the Yellow, Purple, Blue, and Green finish untying the knot. Then we all walked in a line back to class. Once we all got back to class we talked together about what we all just did out on the field.

Thursday, 15 February 2018


In this writing I will be telling you how we all can be Respectful to the environment and also to the people around us. The first way you can be respectful to other people is to welcome them. The reason why you should welcome other people is so that they don’t have to think that they are left out. In that being said we all have to include people around us. Another thing that you can do to show respect to our environment is to pick up rubbish. The reason why we should pick up rubbish is that if we just left our rubbish lying around the creatures might die and we don’t what that. Also we might get sick because of the smell and it is very dirty so that is why we all should pick up the rubbish around us. The final thing that I will be telling how to show respect your elderly is to always help them with anything they help with especially your parents and teachers. Helping is a special word that stands for respect. So these were your 4 tips of how to show respect to your elderly and to teacher two. The reason why we are learning about respect. is so that by the end of this term we all know that we never give up and we know how to use our W.I.T.S two but most of all The Pt England way two.

All About Me

Kia Ora, and Greetings to you all. My name is Oalii and I am 9 years old. I am also a year 5 student at Pt England School. I have a blog so that the people all around the world can see what I am learning about. I play heaps of sports which are cricket and netball. I like to go to the movies with my Auntie. My favourite food is Chips. I have two amazing teachers who are Miss. West and Mrs. Moala. I have 2 sisters and 2 brothers I love them very much. It is cool to be a year 5 because someday we can go to camp with all my friends. What I love about school is the amazing school work because my mind will always have a great idea. I am also Samoan and Tongan. My Dad is Samoan and my mum is Tongan. I love to go to the Park and spend time with my family or just watch TV. I also have 6 friends who are Zoe, Eva, Jane, Sivaenah, and also Madi they are really great friends. Last but not least please leave a comment if you would like.

Wednesday, 14 February 2018

Subtraction and Multiplication.

This whole week My math class and I had did a practice maths work. This is my maths work out. We all did Multiplication and Subtraction it was very fun. If you didn't know I really love working out my maths problem and I also really do love Maths two. please leave a blog comment. Thank You.  

Friday, 9 February 2018

Problem Solving, Math Task.

This week Miss. West gave us task for maths. The maths that we did was problem solving. The first page of work was multiplication and the last page was taking away. Hope you know what we are learning about. Please leave a blog comment if you like it. Thank - You. 

Thursday, 8 February 2018

First Blog Of The 2018

I have been working on this for about one week now and now I have finished it. This will show you what I feel about 2018 and some about my culture two. Hope you like it. Please leave a comment. Thank You