Wednesday, 18 November 2015

My art

First I had to drewed my Brachiosaurus and Pterodactyl. Next I coloured my Brachiosaurus and Pterodactyl. After that I had to dieded it. Now it looks like this. My mum and Dad will love it so so much

Monday, 16 November 2015

Athletics Day

On a sunny Friday morning Pt England Scool did Athletes Day. First we did Rob the nest we have to get a ball from each team who ever haves the most balls wins. Next we did sock throw, we have to throw the sock. Who ever throws the sock the furtherest wins. After that we went to high jump. We have to jump over the bar and land on the mat. Finally we watched teachers, parents and students had a relay race. My day was amazing.

Monday, 9 November 2015


On a sunny Thursday morning Team 2 went to the museum to study dinosaur and fossils. First we jumped on the big large bus. When we got there we jumped out of the bus. Miss Eadie said to her group "let's go to the wintegarden" and we all said "ok let's go". After that we went to the Kai Room to have morning tea and the rules are no running, no taking loud, also no running off when you have not asked your Mum or Dad. Then we went group exploring to look at fossils. After that we went to weird and wild to learn about herbivore, carnivores and Stegosaurus skull and  plate, Finally we went group exploring again. Lastly we went on the bus we sang beautiful songs all the way back to school.