Saturday, 28 October 2017

What I Was Doing Today

Today I woke up pretty late and so did my little brother we were both super tried last night. Anyways it the morning when I woke up my Auntie and Uncle were already gone to bye some things for there house they also went to bye us some yummy breakfast. After me and my brother finished our breakfast we watched a little bit of Disney Channel. While we were still watching Disney Channel I went to go and play on my Uncle's lap top he has a very big one. While I was on the lap top my Dad and my other brother came over. When they were still here I went to go do my hair after that I wen to go have a drink of cold ice water. Then I went back to the lap top and started to write about my day. After a while I went to go see my Mum and my papa. And that was my day I wonder what we are doing tomorrow.

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