Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Book Review

Pj the poller bear

Once upon a time  there lived a poller bear called Pj. He is white and loves to eat fish. One night Pj was looking for some food to but they was no fishes. Next Pj was looking and looking he was hungry for food. Then Pj's dad came and cought 3 fishes in his mouth. After that Pj was happy because his dad got some fishes Pj wasn't hungry because his dad got fishes for himself and his mother and father. Finally they had dinner and went to bed.

Tom the fish and Lee the jellyfish

Once upon a time there was a fish and a jellyfish they were called Tom and Lee they lived in a deep blue sparking water. Lee had pink spots on him and Tom he is orange and also he has blue eyes pink moth and a orange tail. First Tom had no friend he was sad. Next Leesaw Tom being sad so he went to him and said."Tom would you like to play with me" "yes" said Lee. Then they walked to school all the time Tom was happy. After that they always played together at school. Finally Tom had a friend to make him happy and they all lived happily ever after. The End.

Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Evangeline the princess

Once upon a time there lived a beautiful girl called Evangeline she was a princess and she lived in a spooky calte. Suurrounded by lovely green garden. First Evangeline was having some dinner. After the dinner they went to sleep then a bad witch broke into the house. The witch slammed the window and took the Queen from her house and went in the forest. Next Evangeline was looking for her the Queen. She was looking and looking all over the place. She we was crying and crying until her dad came in the   forest he found Evangeline and ran to her. He said "are you ok" said to her dad "dad I am looking for mum. " Then Evangeline's dad saw the witch and ran to the witch killing het. Finally the witch was dead and Evangeline was home safe. The end.

Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Aj the troll

Once upon a time there lived a troll named Aj and he lived with his Dad and Mum in a beautiful forest filled with purple flower they were poor because they had no food. Next they said to the other troll "could we have some food", but they said no. Because they had no food. Then they walked through the forest being sad. After that they were asleep in there cosy tree house. Finally they woke up and up and they God gave them food to eat and they were happy to God. I love God we all love God.