Friday, 27 October 2017


Today instead of starting our day off by doing writing we had started our day off with amazing fun. When we sat down on the hard and rough concrete. When we were ready Mr Moran said that we are going to be doing races so he gave us some instruction. We were being very sneaky and quiet in the morning. It was also very very chilly out there that it felt like I was in the fridge.

After Mr Moran said the instruction half of the Girls went up and lined up on the track. Then Mr Moran clapped the snapper and also the girls sprinted all the way to Mrs Moala. Then Mrs Moala picks the top 4. Next it was the other half of the girls turn and I was running in that half too. I got so nervous like it was my first day at school and also I felt heaps of butterflies in my tummy. But when the snapper clapped I just sprinted as fast as I could. Then It was the boys turn they did the same thing like the girls did. Half went and lined on the track and the other half stayed back. The Boys ran as fast as the could all to Mrs Moala to.

Finally it was the last race but this wasn’t any race it was a crab race. So they had to go on there legs and feet and crawl all the way to Mrs Moala again it was really. But we were not finished being sneaky, so we quietly sneaked back to class. Then we went back to class and did some writing about what we just did out on the field. Today was a fun morning.

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