Monday, 30 October 2017

What's The Time Mr.Wolf

In the Morning my class and I went outside to play a game called what’s the time Mr.Wolf. My class and I, all went to go line up along the race track. Then, Sivaenah had to shout what’s the time Mr.Wolf then the Wolf has to turn around and say 3:00. Once Mr.Wolf say 3:00 we all had to creep up to Mr.Wolf, but if turn’s around again we all have to freeze and stand still like a Mannequin, but if he sees us moving we had to go back from where we had started. When I was playing I had release that I had not been out yet and I was really close to being a winner. But there was Jane next to me and she had might of won to so Mr.Wolf decided That he could say either 1:00 or 2:00 to make it even harder. But I wasn’t fast enough to touch Mr. Wolf’s back and also I was on the side of Mr.Moran and Jane was in the back but in middle of him and so Jane had touched Mr.Wolf first. But I was still happy that I was still very close to touch Mr.Wolf. Later that day, we went to go line up so that we can get on with our writing about what we just did out on the field.

Sunday, 29 October 2017

What I Did For The Rest Of My Evening

Later on that Day it started to become darker so we all went into the garage to sing a Samoa song and to also say a pray. After we had our pray we all had a little bit of a laugh and sending time all together. After that we said our goodbye's and went back home to get ready for school tomorrow but my brother and I stayed back to go with our Nana and Auntie and also my Uncle. While I was still at my nana I made myself a little milo and some toast. Once I finished that I put my dishes away then I just relax and I was also watching my program from Disney Channel. Later on I asked my Uncle if I could play on his laptop a that's when I wanted to do an blogpost about my night. Later on that night I went with my Auntie, Uncle, and Nana, and also my brother Kruz, back home. Then I went to sleep so that I won't be tired when I get to School tomorrow. And that was my night.                                            
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               WHAT I DID THIS EVENING !!!

What I Did I n My After Noon

After we came back from our Church I got changed into more comfortable clothes. After that I went with my brother next door to get his ball that went over the fence. Later that day, my family and I went to the cemetery to visit my Papa and Mum. It is still sad to not have them around anymore but I know they are in a better place. When we got back home my aunty and uncle came over with my cousin Cole. We had a nice afternoon tea together and played outside.

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What I Did At My Church

Today in the morning me and my Auntie went to Church. The first thing that we did in the Church was saying an opening pray to God. Then we moved on to singing a son that the Church made up about God and about how small things make a big change. Then there was a family who got interviewed by the REV the family was talking about the baby that they had not long ago. Then we said a pray for all the sick people in the Church, so that God can heel them my Auntie went up she didn't fell very well, but after the pray that they had it made her fell good. After that we sang more song while some people went up to go give money to support the Church. Then we had another pray for all of our family and to also thank the people who work there at the Church. After that the worker's gave us and little bottle of water but that wasn't any water. The water was for if we had any pain we just had to add a drop to a drink and then drink it, it will take away the pain that we had. After all of that was done we said an closing pray then me and my Auntie went and brought some things that my nana needed for her lunch. And the was the end of my morning please leave a comment.


Saturday, 28 October 2017

What I Did For My Night

Tonight I went to Church with my lovely Auntie the Church that we went to was a meeting but it was for girls only. We started the meeting off with by doing a pray the we went off and read some verses from the bible. The verses of the bible said to never give up and to love the ones who is mean to you and also to don't be mean back. Then we all went up in the front and said a nice peaceful pray by ourselves after we finished that pray we all felt very good. Then we sang a song about Jesus and God after that we handed some money to the worker. After that there was a group of girls that went on the stage and got a bracelet that will guide you where ever you go they also got in to the Godly wood Group. Then we said a closing pray and then we went and picked up some dinner for our family while we were still driving in the car we got home and I ate a little bit and after I did my nanas hair to. Then I went to sleep a little while I heard my nana say to come and do a pray so I woke up and close my eyes for the prayer.

                                     THE REST OF MY NIGHT

My Trip On The Plane To Samoa

On the 31st of September that was the Day we were going to Samoa also it was my Dad's birthday to. Me and my sisters stayed up all night so that we could sleep on the plane, we also wanted to shower early so that we can fresh'n up a little bit to. After we all got into nice and warm clothes we went to our nanas house so I can go with my Auntie and Uncle. While I was with them my Dad went to pick up my other Uncle so that he could look after the car. When we got to the airport my Dad weight all the  bags, my Dad said that all of our bags are pretty light, and the heaviest number was 23 so that was very cool of our bags being light. After that we went an put on the stickers on all of our bags and the put our bags in the plane. After that we all went up stair's and had some breakfast because we woke up so early that we didn't had any breakfast. While we were still at the airport it was time to say our goodbyes to our family's it was very sad saying goodbye to them. So we took some photo all together and we went thorw our gates. All we had to do was just wait until we could go on the plane so my dad brought us some lollies and drinks to take on the plane. When we went on the plane we were all sitting together so that we really good I was sitting next my Brother and my Dad. While I was in the plane I was watching Disney movies like Bunk'd and Best friends Forever and also I was playing some fun games. When I had a little play around with the safe on the plane I went for a long nap and so did my sister's and brother. When I woke up it was nearly time to land and in that time me and my Dad play games with each other like TIC TOE, Bowling, and also Bingo. I had a very good time spending some time with my Dad on his birthday. Finally we landed at Samoa when we got there they had to check our bags again. While we were there we saw some of our family then the Taxis came to pick us up and another one came to take all of our suit cases to the Resort where we were staying there for a while. We had to split up because we didn't have that much beds so it was boys it Suit 6 and Girls in Suit 4 but the boys always come to our Suit in the morning when are still sleeping. While anyways back to my day once we got there we got changed and had a little swim in the pool at the pools there was a  little small pool and there was also a huge big deep. After our swimming we went to go get ready into nice clothes because we went to look all around the city and had some dinner the dinner that we ate was pretty nice and yummy. After that we went to the shops to bye some drinks once we got to our Resort my Dad got the lollies then we went outside to play with the card but we went and played for the lollies that my Dad got form my suit case. After that we went back to our Suit's 6 and 4 and went to sleep. Today was a nice busy and fun day today I wonder we were doing the next day.


What I Was Doing Today

Today I woke up pretty late and so did my little brother we were both super tried last night. Anyways it the morning when I woke up my Auntie and Uncle were already gone to bye some things for there house they also went to bye us some yummy breakfast. After me and my brother finished our breakfast we watched a little bit of Disney Channel. While we were still watching Disney Channel I went to go and play on my Uncle's lap top he has a very big one. While I was on the lap top my Dad and my other brother came over. When they were still here I went to go do my hair after that I wen to go have a drink of cold ice water. Then I went back to the lap top and started to write about my day. After a while I went to go see my Mum and my papa. And that was my day I wonder what we are doing tomorrow.

Friday, 27 October 2017


Today instead of starting our day off by doing writing we had started our day off with amazing fun. When we sat down on the hard and rough concrete. When we were ready Mr Moran said that we are going to be doing races so he gave us some instruction. We were being very sneaky and quiet in the morning. It was also very very chilly out there that it felt like I was in the fridge.

After Mr Moran said the instruction half of the Girls went up and lined up on the track. Then Mr Moran clapped the snapper and also the girls sprinted all the way to Mrs Moala. Then Mrs Moala picks the top 4. Next it was the other half of the girls turn and I was running in that half too. I got so nervous like it was my first day at school and also I felt heaps of butterflies in my tummy. But when the snapper clapped I just sprinted as fast as I could. Then It was the boys turn they did the same thing like the girls did. Half went and lined on the track and the other half stayed back. The Boys ran as fast as the could all to Mrs Moala to.

Finally it was the last race but this wasn’t any race it was a crab race. So they had to go on there legs and feet and crawl all the way to Mrs Moala again it was really. But we were not finished being sneaky, so we quietly sneaked back to class. Then we went back to class and did some writing about what we just did out on the field. Today was a fun morning.

Monday, 16 October 2017

My Last Day At Samoa

On Tuesday it was the 11th of October and yes another day in Samoa. This morning was just another normal  morning like always. But suddenly my auntie came in and said that we are going back New Zealand. I really didn't want to go back because I still had shop for my family in New Zealand and also we had to go back on Saturday to. So I just went in the bathroom and had a shower after that I got dressed into nice things. After I got ready and that I was just relaxing in the living room.

Then we went to the air port to check in. Once we had finished cheeking in it was time to say goodbye to our family in Samoa. Then we went on the plane. On the plane we saw Murray from my Uncle's favourite TV show. Once we landed we went out of the plane and looked for our suitcases then we went to x-ray. after that was finished we went out the door that said exit here. When we saw our family we hugging and kissing our family in New Zealand. Then we went to go see my papa.

Then after that we went to our nana's house and had some food and drink because we were very hungry that time. Then some of us went to sleep and some of use were still awake after that my dad and my  brother and sister's went back home and I wanted to stay back with my nana. Once they went I went fast asleep I was very tried that time.

                                  That Was The End Of My Day