Wednesday, 6 June 2018

My Narrative

Once upon a time there was an girl named sandy. Everyday sandy would fill up an bucket of water for all of the animal. The animal that will always and have a drink is bees, mouses, chickens, camels, and also huge cows. The reason why she will fill up buckets of water it was because none of the animals had any water where they lived. So sandy dieced to give so water to all of the animals. Sandy also will give them so some food so that they won’t always be hungry. All of the animal would cross an bridge. Once they will cross a bridge the bucket filled with water and the food would be there.

But one day a cow cross the bridge but there was no food of water there, even worse it was a scorching hot day. The reason why there was no water or food was because sandy forgot to do it early in the morning. But instead she slept in. the reason why she slept was because she was so tired and she slept very late at night. Then came along the a camel. The camel cross the bridge as the camel was walking he saw the cow. Once the camel came across the bridge he saw that there was no food or water in front of there was only a bucket but that bucket had no water. The camel got very angry. But sandy was still in bed sleeping. Then came along the bees. The bees didn’t have to walk because they already have wings. Anyways all of the bees rushed up to the bridge crossed the bridge because it was so hot and they were hoping for some water. Then they saw the camel and cow standing near the buck and the food. As they got there they also saw that there was no water and no food. They got so angry some even sting the cows and the camels. Then came along both chickens and the mouse. There was only one one mouse and to big chickens. As they were walking they saw the cow the camels and the bees there.

This is what i did in 40 min. I couldn't do heaps because I had a meeting for the 40 hour famine. I hope you like it please leave a comment thank you.

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