Friday, 15 June 2018

Matariki Day

On friday Pt england school had an matariki day. Matariki day is when the whole school moves into a different class. One of those classes would do either sports, cooking, movie making, and also arts and craft. I got put into arts and craft. Also the class that I was in was room 9 and 10 some my original class. My teachers was also Miss west. We were making and matariki picture on the imacs. Also in that art we had to put in our self in it. I thought that it would be impossible to do that but we all just had to try it and so I did. In our class there was big kids and little kids and was not that much imacs for all of us. So what we had to do was buddy up with all of the little kids and work with them. I buddy up with a little girl by the name of Leata she was a lovely years 2. At first I thought that it was so boring but then as it was getting through the day it got more fun and i started to enjoy it but i still wanted to be in sports with my friend Jane. But I still had a lot of fun in my class. Anyways what we had to do was that we had to draw a picture on the imac with the seven stars. After Leata and I did all of that we got to draw whatever we wanted on the next page. Next after that, Miss. West took a photo of is the she put on our imacs. If you were wondering how could Miss. West do that well she connected her phone on our imac then she uploaded it in desktop. After she did all of the Miss. West told as to cut off all of the outside and make sure that you could only see the body nothing else. So I did Leata and my photo it took a long time to do it. Once I finished both pictures I got Ctrl c Ctrl v and put it in our matariki picture. It actually look really cool. After lunch we had another school assembly. But the difference between the morning assembly and the afternoon assembly is that the afternoon assembly shows what we had done through the day and what we had created. What was cool was that we saw our creation that we did though the day. They showed leata and mine picture it was so cool. After the assembly Mr. Burt went team by team to make sure they go to the right place at the right time and also to make sure that other peoples creation are not ruined. So after we all got to go back to our normal classrooms. When we got to our classroom we got to go back home. When I was walking I felt so tired I had fell asleep in the car.

I hope you like what i had done on matariki. Please leave a comment thank you.

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