Wednesday, 27 June 2018

My Skydiving Imagination Writing.

Step 4: Start writing.

→ WOW! What an experience that I just had. I went skydiving last Tuesday morning near the airport. I went with my siblings and my Dad.

As we were putting on the clothes that we had to wear I was so nervous my heart was racing!!! I was nervous because height isn’t really my thing. I tried to make some excuses so that I didn’t have to go but all of my excuses didn’t work. I might as well just go skydiving. Anyway, we had to wear a funny looking mask.

As we got in the plane and the plane started to lift off, I got even more nervous because the door was open and I thought that we would fall out of the plane. As we got higher and higher I got more and more nervous. As we got to the height that we wanted to jump from, we got ready. Ready for what? We got ready to jump off the plane!

The first ones to jump off the plane were my siblings then my Dad and then finally me because remember, I am so scared of heights. When it was my turn I did a little prayer to GOD to help me face my fear. The reason I prayed to GOD because I knew that when i am with I can do anything.

When I jumped off it felt like ice cream hitting my face. All of a sudden this big force of wind just hit me in the face. It was so powerful I turned into warm to cold. Even though I had a suit I was still freezing.

As I got to the grassy field, I was so happy because I just faced my fear of heights. After that we went back home because we were so tired. On our way home I fell asleep because I was the tired one.

That day was one of the best days of my life.

This is my writing that I did this week. I had to use our imagination  to write about the time we went skydiving. So what I had wrote about was not true. I hope you enjoy my writing. Ohh and Please leave a comment thank you so much. 

I wonder if you can use your imagination to write something out? 

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