Wednesday, 23 May 2018

My Narraive

Begin Writing Here: Once upon a time there lived a girl named Jada. Today on the 7th of March there was a carnival this morning and at there carnival. At the carnival it had an Hot air balloon and with that anyone could hop in it and take a ride up in the sky. Jada diecded to go for a ride on the hot air balloon. In the hot air balloon there were some sticks for the fire to make it fly. It also had some telescopes so that they can just look at the view. She also packed some food and a bottle of water just for safety and so Jada doesn’t get hungry.

As Jada was going into the sky all of a sudden the fuel goes out. Jada started to shout out “ help!! Help!! “. For awhile she just remembered that there were stick to make the fire. Jada didn’t have anything to light up the fire. The reason why she had to light up the fire was because so that Jada could go up high. If the hot air balloon goes down it could certainly injury Jada or somebody else. When Jada got lower and lower she started to panic harder and harder.

Lucky an man came to tell the police man and his crew. When they came to the problem they brought a trampoline. The reason why they brought the trampoline was so the Jada could softy on to it. What are they going to do with the hot air balloon? What they did with the hot air balloon was that they put it in a big big rubbish bin. The reason why they put it in the rubbish bin was because the hot air balloon was just a mess it was so muddy. After all of that had happen Jada went to go and enjoy her time at the carnival. When Jada came back she decided to go back home a write about her journey at the carnival. Jada lived happily ever after. The End!!!

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  1. What a long writing Oalii good job and keep it up and just keep up.