Tuesday, 8 May 2018

FiaFia Night

On the last Thursday of the the school term, pt england school had our very own FiaFia night. We had our FiaFia night out on the school field. To me Fiafia is just about having fun and showing different kind of culture. It is also about showing item to what that culture means to. The group that I was in and my friend was the Samoan group. We had to wait there for a very long time because we were the last group to perform on the stage.

Anyways when it was a our turn to perform we had to wait on the side of the stage. When we were waiting there were a group of audience standing in front of us that made it hard for me to see the group that was performing. When we went to the other side of the stage we saw some baby oil. When I saw the baby oil I put a lot on my arm’s and on my legs. It also helped me get a little bit warm and I also put some on my face two.

After the tonga boys were done because we were after them. We got in our two line to get on the stage. As I was walking on the stage I felt very nervous but the good thing was that I was standing in front of the light which made me much more warmer. As we stood up to go to the back my feet were starting to not feel my feet it was like I had no feet it was just my legs but I just kept on dancing. Thing that I heard was my sister cheering and screaming for my brother and I on the side with their friends. As we finish our first song and moved on to SoSo Mai that was when could NOT feel my feet.
After the SoSo Mai song all the girls had to move off the stage. The reason why the girls had to go off was because the boys had to finish off our item with and Samoan Haka. Once we walked the stair I wanted to see the boys do the haka. Did you also know that while they were doing there haka I was cheering for them and so did the girls that were with me and the rest of the girls went back to there changing room because there were so so cold. I was to but I still wanted to watch the boys because even if they were in our group none of the girls got to see the haka. After they did there haka we all went back to our changing rooms to get change and to go back home. As I was walking to my changing room I was so so freezing, I was so cold that I felt like an Ice block. Once we got to our changing rooms I straight away got changed and went back home. As we got to our house I jumped in my bed with all four blankets on me and fell asleep I was so cold I needed one more blanket to top it off.

These link to the song that we did hope you like our song thank you.

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