Friday, 4 May 2018

Immersion Assembly Recount

In the morning of the first day back at school after the holiday. The Pt england school had our very own Immersion assembly in our school hall. As I was walking through the hall I felt very tired the reason why I was very tired was because i was very excited I slept very late. Anyways once we all were in the school hall Mr. Jacobsen put on a video with Miss. Va’afusuaga on the roof with an hopper and with and trampoline on the floor. What she was doing was she was trying to make force so the hopper can use force to bounce high. But Sadly both tries didn’t turn out how we wanted it to turn out it was because when Miss. Va’afusuaga throw the hopper it came out with not that much force.

After a while It was team one had to show us what they are learning about and how they showed was that they made a video. There video was about all of team one teachers were going to the beach. But suddenly an huge rock was in there way and that meant they couldn’t get to the beach. So all of the teachers gather up and tries to get a way to move the big rock out of the way. But neither of there idea didn’t work so they looked up online how to move huge object out of the way. Once they looked at how to move the object they tried it. What they had to do was that they had to look for an long and heave tree branch and with the tree branch they had to put the branch underneath the rock and they had to try to jump, on the branch so that the rock can move out of there way. First Mrs. Dwyer tried to jump on the brauch but it didn’t have that much force when Mrs. Dwyer. Then came along Mrs. Lal and when they both jumped it gave more force and that made the rock move. And so they hoped in the car and got to the beach and had a lovely time. I really liked there movie, so team one is learning about how you can make force.

Moving on to was team 2 turn to show us what they are learning about they did something a little different to team one the differences was that they didn’t make a movie they actually were acting. What the theme was, was The Wheels in motion. The act was about Miss. Moran, Mrs. Tumahai, and Miss. Carten Playing with wheel in class, and Miss, Gaston was telling them off. But they will just keep on play with different things with wheels on it. It was so funny The part that liked about there acting was when Miss. Moran fell off the troll and I like there songs to. So they are learning about wheels in motion.

After that it was team three’s turn to show us what they were learning about. They were learning about the physical of sport. So they went out to the playground and doing a lot of fun things. Like dancing playing on the swing playing and the slide too. They also made a video they didn’t act. I loved there Movie it was so fun and that's what it is all about just have fun. I also like there songs. My favorite about this movie was when Mr. Moran and Miss. King was dancing. It is very fun to be physical at the playground.

After that it was team five turn and they were learning about their strength. So they were play tug of war. They play three on three the first team they were undefeated in 63 years. They were Miss. Tapuke, Mrs. Stone, and

Mrs. Sio and the other team was Mr. Moran, Miss. Moran, and Miss. Parrant. In the first round it was just a normal round and in that round Mr. Moran, Miss Moran, and Mrs. Parrant won. Then it was the next round and in that next they had to where gloves. Miss. Tapuke, Mrs. Stone, and Mrs. Sio chose the gardening gloves and Mr. Moran, Miss. Moran, and Mrs. Parrant chose just the normal gloves. I thought that Miss. Tapuke, Mrs. Stone, and Mrs. Sio were going to win because there gloves had more grip than Mr. Moran, Miss. Moran, and Mrs. Parrant gloves. Miss. Tapuke, Mrs. Stone, and Mrs. Sio won the second round. The next round nothing changed but Mr. Moran, Miss. Moran, and Mrs. Parrant wanted put dishwashing soap on their gloves. When they put dishwashing soap on their gloves I new they were going to lose the reason why I thought that was because there gloves are going to be very slipper and I was right it was to slipper. So Miss. Tapuke, Mrs. Stone, and Mrs. Sio were still undefeated. It was so funny.

If you were wondering why did you skip team 4. The reason why I skipped team 4 was because that was my team and also I wanted to make sure you guys know exactly what we are learning about. So we are learning about how thing fly or how do you make things fly. So team 4 teacher made a movie with things that use force for the object to fly. They also tried to do one of the object but made it in there own way it was a very cool aircraft. When they tested it, it sadly was an fail just like the hopper. The aircraft didn’t have enough gravity. It was really funny because when they throw the aircraft and it landed right in front of the team 4 teacher that was also my favourite part about team four’s turn.

So that was a our Pt England School immersion assembly. It was very fun and I hope you had fun reading this.

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