Friday, 2 June 2017

Waka writing

Begin Writing Here: I could see some big blocks of wood and two huge wakas. I could see people waiting near the waka’s. I can see the birds flying in the sky. I could see the waves chasing near the rocks with a lot of power.

I could hear the breeze blowing as I walk pass. I could also hear that a dog barking really loud. I could hear the wind blowing the waka’s back to shore. I could also hear that people are making fire for a hungi or to just keep them worn. I could also hear the water splashing off of the wooden stick that they use to move the waka’s.

I could smell the lovely bread that they were making. I could also smell wet dog that just came out sea. I could also smell the salty water from the ocean. And I could
sell a lot of fish. I could smell a lot of smoke I was coming from the mountain.

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