Friday, 9 June 2017


Every Tuesday room 11 go to Orienteering it is for our Kiwi sports. Orienteering means that we would always follow the map. Our Orienteering instructor names where Irere and Leon. They will explain how to follow the map and where we should start. Also where we could finish.

After Leon would explain to us how we should use a map we would go off and and fined the letter that would have to find. After we finish the first course we had to go on the next one until we finish every course. After that we had to go back to the start to get Leon or Irere to look at our paper and take our maps.

Once we finish everything we had to get in line and say thank you to Irere and to Leon. Then we would go back to class. And do our work well room 12 go and have there  Orienteering time. We had a great time with Irere and Leon thank you so much for our Orienteering time with you.

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  1. Hi Oalii I really like your work that you did now keep it up oaill. By Zoe