Friday, 30 June 2017

Big bombs

Leaping into the deep blue sea the BMX kid did a huge bomb. It was so huge it knocked over the Gods ice cream. The BMX kid did a big bomb at a high cliff, with a lot of rocks. He also hit the sea very hard. After his bomb he ran up hill and started to talk to the God.

Overlooking  the god and the BMX kid were having a chat about who has the biggest bombs. The BMX kid thought  that his grandma would do a bigger bomb than the God. But the God said “That he could do a bigger bomb than the BMX kid”.  Then the BMX kid said “but can you even swim?” . But than the God said back “I invented swimming”.

Powerfully the God went and jumped off the cliff and did a huge big bomb. The  God bomb was so powerful that the BMX kid got splashed with the Gods own bomb.  The Gods bomb wasn’t finished yet somehow the water put God back on the cliff.

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  1. hey oalii I love the good words you used like leaping and overlooking great work.