Friday, 16 June 2017

Making Kites.

Kite Day


Use descriptive words.

You are going to write a recount about what happened yesterday when we made
our kites

Start your writing here: Yesterday we made some kites. The first thing that we did we was that we just got back from dancing. After that Mrs. Moala told us how to make a kite. Then we went off and made our own kite. The things that you had to make a kite with is paper two straws and a scissors. The first thing we had to do to make a kite was to fold the paper to make the paper as long as the straw. Then you would have to try and make a diamond shape. First you had to unfold the paper that you started with and fold the four corners and then cut the four corners. After that you have to stick your long stick along the paper the your going to put your other straw on the along the side. Finally  you have to put a hole in a your kite so you could put in your string so that you could fly it. After we went outside to fly our kites.

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  1. hi oalii i like how you posted the kites and i like what you rout on it