Thursday, 23 February 2017

The Sea Side

One day  it was a scorching hot day. So  we decided to go to the beach. We went at 1pm on a Wesday. My family went with me to the beach. We went in my dads van to get there. 

At the beach we saw some shells. we saw scallops,mussels,and broken shells,also oysters. We had a snack when we had a snack birds started to come near us because the birds were very hungre so we decided to give the birds a pack of beard.

After that we waited a little bit. And the after my food digest when the food digest we can be able to go for a swim in the sea. We had to always have to be with mum or dad whoever is there with you. So we or you can be safe out in the sea.

So we just had a swim. When we had a swim we played dojj ball with the beach ball. It was so fun because the whole family played dojj ball. After the long swim that we had. We all got into dry colthes. Then we hoped into the van driv back home. When we were like about half way there some of us fell asleep. That was the best day ever.

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