Wednesday, 22 February 2017

The creek

On friday Mrs.Moala reading and writing class went down to Omaru creek. We had to walk down to the Omaru  creek.Also we went behind Pt England School.

Before we went down to the creek Miss Teleso took the roll then we were off to the creek. We went through the field  and through the gate.

At Omaru creek we saw a lot of rubbish there was empty bottle,paper, and plastic bags. Also we saw ducks,pukekos, and birds.and dog poo.

There was no duck or pokekoes in the creek because some people put the wrong things in the in the toilet and sink .That’s why we have be careful about we put in the toilet and sink.

We always have to be careful of what we put in the toilet and sink because that’s why some duck and pukekos don’t really go in the creek. It will also make the creek dirty and smelly.

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