Friday, 24 February 2017

Funday Firday

On firday we do funday Firday but its only if we be very good. What we do for funday Firday is the whole team 3 always goes in the hall to do just dance. We do just dance from after morning tea all the way to lunch time that how we do heaps of exercise. We also have a break befor we do just dance.

Our favourite just dance vidoe was like the celling can't hold us and watch me whip. After we did those 2 video we had a break and sat down and talk about this video that were are going to play. The video that we play was a boy and a girl. We did have a funday Frday. 

Then we walk back to class and the kapa haka people came the lunch time bell just ringed. And we had other long break. Now that was over we finishes off funday with quite freetime also we finished it off with some waita and some moana song.

                                                                    THE END


  1. Kia Ora, awesome to see you blogging at home Oalii! We did indeed have a fun day, what was your favourite part of the day?

    1. My favourite part was getting on the the strage and get to do just dacne