Friday, 24 February 2017

The Bike Track

On Thrsday we had the bike track opening. Before we went to the bike track we did ICT and Maker space. The whole Pt England School went down at the back fied where the gates are. We walk form maker space & ICT all the way to the fied.

After we got there the sinor kapa haka were all ready there. Once we sat down the school played a Samoan sony that was called we know the way form moana.  When the whole school came we begen it off with a nice karakia. Then we did a waita.

Then there was a few vaister form other places that help buid the bike track. we are so thankful of them. They came up and talk about some thing about bikes. Then Mr.Burt said '' THE BIKE TRACK IS OPEN !''.

Then the bikers went up and got a bike. The 2 people how was riding the bike in our class was Leylani and Jerry. They were the first person that ride the bike track and some other people form other classes. When they were done we cloes it off with a waita and a karakia.

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