Friday, 23 February 2018


Once upon a time there lived a girl named Carmella. Carmella decided to go have a walk down to have a look at the creek down near by Pt England school. So Carmella got her stuff and headed down to the creek. Finally Carmella was at the creek. She was so surprised because there was heaps and heaps of tagging on most of the pipes that Carmella saw. What she saw was heaps of overgrown grass and leaves. Also there was a path but I think it turned into a muddy path. Also what Carmella noticed was the pipes that had tagging on it. It was shaped like a T and she thought it was very cool. So Carmella decided to walk along the muddy path she was a really brave kind of girl. So she walk down the muddy path and suddenly Carmella ends up in a sticky also muddy tunnel tunnel. It had heaps of sticky white spider webs there were also very dirty water two. A little while after she saw some light across the tunnel. So she walked and walked until she got to the end of the tunnel. Once Carmella got closer and closer and then she saw bright light so she’d went closer and closer and finally she was there but then a creature came and cased Carmella. Carmella was running as fast as she could back to the start of tunnel. She got closer as she saw the light something happened to the creature it was almost like it was afraid of light so Carmella kept on running finally Carmella got out of the tunnel. So Carmella looked back in the tunnel and there was no creature. So she went back home to have some dinner with her family. The next day she went back to the creek to go put up an paper that said “DO NOT ENTER”. After all of that was done she decided to go back home and while Carmella was at home she got her writing book and she wrote all about what she did Yesterday. And Carmella lived happily ever After. The End.

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