Thursday, 15 February 2018


In this writing I will be telling you how we all can be Respectful to the environment and also to the people around us. The first way you can be respectful to other people is to welcome them. The reason why you should welcome other people is so that they don’t have to think that they are left out. In that being said we all have to include people around us. Another thing that you can do to show respect to our environment is to pick up rubbish. The reason why we should pick up rubbish is that if we just left our rubbish lying around the creatures might die and we don’t what that. Also we might get sick because of the smell and it is very dirty so that is why we all should pick up the rubbish around us. The final thing that I will be telling how to show respect your elderly is to always help them with anything they help with especially your parents and teachers. Helping is a special word that stands for respect. So these were your 4 tips of how to show respect to your elderly and to teacher two. The reason why we are learning about respect. is so that by the end of this term we all know that we never give up and we know how to use our W.I.T.S two but most of all The Pt England way two.

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