Monday, 17 July 2017

Wild Animals

Wild Animals

Pekapeka Bats,

The only two species left are the lesser short-tailed bat and long-tailed bat. They are the only native land mammal of New Zealand.

Hector's Dolphin,

Hector’s dolphins are the world’s smallest dolphin species. They are named after Sir James Hector, who first examined a dolphin specimen. 

Kea Parrot,

Kea are the only alpine parrot in the world and are most commonly found in the Arthur's Pass National Park  and on the road to Milford Sound in the Fiordland National Park. Warning: these cheeky parrots like dismantling cars.

Hamilton's Frog,

A fun fact: Hamilton’s frogs do not croak.

Yellow-Eyes Penguins,

Yellow-eyed penguins are found around the south east of New Zealand, Banks Peninsula and Stewart Island.

Chevron Skink Lizards,

These lizards are only found on the Great Barrier Island and Little Barrier Island

Little Blue Penguins,

Little blue penguins are not completely unique to New Zealand, but New Zealand sure has the most amount waddling on the southern coastlines and off-shore islands. 

Fur Seal,

Although fur seals tend to stick to the coast, they have been known to wander into people’s backyards.


Tuataras are the only surviving reptile species from the dinosaur era.

Maui Dolphin,

This is just a subspecies of Hector’s Dolphin. Honestly, who doesn’t want more pictures of dolphins?

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  1. Hi Oalii,

    What a great, informative post. Thanks for sharing so much information about each of these wonderful creatures with us! I had to laugh when I read the final line of your post, "Honestly, who doesn't want more pictures of dolphins?" It is so true! I love watching videos and looking at pictures of dolphins. I also love watching videos of whales as they swim through the water.

    When I was in Tonga a few years ago I actually had the chance to watch a pod of whales swim through the water in front of our hotel. It was amazing! There were about 4 of them and they were playing with one another, splashing and blowing air/water out of their blowholes. I've never seen anything like it!

    Have you?

    Keep up the great work with your blog, Oalii. It's wonderful to see that you're actively blogging over the holiday!!!