Friday, 7 July 2017

Last Day Of School

Today was our last day of school. Today The Pav had a shared lunch and we also watched a movie called the pas afire it was a really cool movie. While the movie was on Mrs.Moala and Mr.Moran were cleaning the classroom for next term. Then Mr.Moran stopped the movie and said ''to go in a big circle''!. Once we finished getting in a circle Tea came with the chips. Then Mr.Moran picked names so they can get bread and chips. While we were eating Mrs.Moala gave us a mike or a fruit. After we finished our first chips and bread we had second. Then it was lunch time after we had lunch we finished off the movie pas afire. Then cleaned up more. Then we went to the hall for assembly, finally we said happy holiday to the school. Then we went and hugged Mrs.Moala and Mr.Moran. Then we went back home.The End

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