Friday, 28 July 2017

Immersion Assembly Recount

We went to the hall to learn about our new topic for school. We went there At the first day of school. We did our assembly in the hall. And we walked to get to the hall and we were there first to.

Once the whole school was in the hall Mrs.Nua turned off the light’s. We looked up and there were a lot of stars in the roof. Later Mr. Somerville flew his UFO and  Mr.Somerville and Mr.Jacobsen were acting like there was a alien in the UFO. The UFO landed and two big alien came on the stage. During that, Mr.Somerville and Mr,Jacobsen came on the stage as fast as they can they also came with their lightsaber and chopped the two aliens in half.

Next it was time to see what we are learning about in class. The first team was team one. What team one’s video was telling us was how they flew with there car to outer space. They also sang a song about what planet they flew to. Later on it was team, two’s turn to tell us what they are going to be  learning about this term. In there video Mrs.Gaston was singing a song about outer space. The other teacher were dancing to the song.

Finally it was team 3 my team. We were learning space but mainly planets. Our video was about days in our lives which also mean times in our live.Team 3 are also looking at the 4 seasons like summer, winter, ortim, and also sring.  Next it was Team 4’s turn to show us what they are learning. They're video was about how they flew in a rocket ship and blew up. I like teams four’s video.

In the end it was team five’s but they didn’t do a video they were singing a song but the beat was Moana the song was about the planets from outer space. It was so funny how the teachers were dancing.

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