Thursday, 3 November 2016

Making bread

First you will need the ingredients which is flour,salt, and also yeast and a scale. First we all have to wash out the grems or the bacteria. Then we got into pairs. Then put in 100g of flour then a pech of salt. After that we added 11/2 and ¼ TSP of yeast. Next Mr. Blakey added a bit of water in the dry ingredients and we kead it. Also why do we need yeast? “It's because so the bread rises”. Then Mr. Blakey came around and put flour on the baking paper. After that we split the dough into 2 pieces then we surrounding the dough with flour. Next we put it to 2 balls and then put them in the in the oven. It smelled like fresh baked bread right from the oven. The bread was crispy on the outside but in the inside its felt like dough. When I I ate the bread it tasted like dough and it's also taste really good with the butter. We had so much fun making bread.

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