Thursday, 12 April 2018


1. Helping
2. Manners
3. Being Kind to each other
4. Using your W.I.T.S
5. Looking After our environment
6. Being and task
7. Being Cybersmart
8. Doing the Pt England way.
9. Never giving up
10. Finishing your School work
11. Wear it with pride
12. Helping your teachers
13. To talk with each other.
14. Sharing your Ideas
15. Keeping it real.
16. Playing the right way
17. Stop think and do
18. A tap not a kick
19. Responding at the right time
20. Being at the right places
21. Being amazing
22. Being Positive

23. Learning creating and Sharing

These are my top 23 things that you can show respect]. Thank you. please leave a comment Thank you

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