Saturday, 3 March 2018

Safety Swim

This week we thought that we would go out to the beach on Friday but we couldn't because it was a little bit of rain the floor was so we couldn't stand up all day at the beach. But in this blog post it was all about a site that my class and I have been looking at. This site was all about if we could swim in that beach or not. In this site it will tell you if you could swim at that beach or not. But we couldn't go to the beach which was a shame because it said in this site the beach that we were going to swim at had an green tick. oh and did I say that also on this site it has an green tick and orange tick and also an red x. But I won't say much more because I have some more things about this site in my work slides. Go have a look in. Also please leave an comment if you like it. Thank You.

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