Tuesday, 19 December 2017


Sadly the holidays have started and the school had ended but on the other hand, it will be Christmas very very soon. And also it will be my birthday after new years. This year for Christmas we had done and Secret Sant with the whole family which was very fun and we also put the babies to do it too. But I will still miss my friends and teacher that have teched me throughout the year. I can't wait until us big year 4 turn into big year 5. I was also proud of how we manage to get throw the ups downs we also went to Samoa it was very fun.  I Just cannot wait until my birthday.

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  1. Hey there Oalii, my name is Billy from the Summer Learning Journey programme. I can't wait to blog with you this summer. Congratulations on making a summer blog post already!

    I wish you a Merry Christmas and also a Happy Birthday!

    I hope you complete a few activities soon so I can read your wonderful ideas!

    Thanks, Billy :)

    1. Thank you billy for leaving me a comment.
      Also is your birthday coming up or has it passed already.
      Whats your moth and day until your birthday.
      Thank Oalii
      my birthday is next moth The 9th

  2. Hi oalli i love your blog post about samoa i wish i could go but we sdont have enogh money but i love it here i hope you blog a lot more keep it up.