Thursday, 16 November 2017

Choose It Narrative

Once upon a time it was a very snowy day and it was very cold. There was an house that was covered with snow and in that house there lived a girl and her name was Mele. It was a very cold morning and when Mele woke up she had released that she was going out with her friend that was called Anna. But remember that her house was covered in snow but Mele didn’t even released that her house was covered in snow because her curtains were closed up and so Mele got out of bed and she went and made her some breakfast.

After all that Mele went and got change for her day out with Anna. She had noticed that it was snowy so she opened her curtains and Mele’s window’s were even covered in snow to and what was worst was that her friend Anna arrived outside her house she got very angry too. But lucky Anna Had and idea. The idea was that Anna was digging her way to clear out the window that was covered in snow. And so she digged and dig until it was all clear. Once she cleared it all out Mele could jump out of her window so that she could go out with Anna.

At last it was an very hot day and all of the snow that covered her house had melted. Mele was so happy she got to see here house again she then said to herself ‘’ TODAY IS A NICE DAY ‘’. Then she also said ‘’ THANK YOU’’ to Anna. So Anna and Mele lived happily ever after Anna went back home happy to.

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