Friday, 10 March 2017

River Talks

On Thursday other school including us went to the river talk down at Omaru creek. We talked about how clean in is and what’s bad about it and what goes in it.

Once we got there,there was some other school. We had to stand behind the  gate. Then we went back to set down. When we sat down this girl was trying to make fire well this other girl was in a dress with rubbish on it.

Then we moved to the left to watch three people that came all the way from Tonga to  sing a song in English and one song in Tonga it was so awesome when they sang to us.  They were singing about the moana.

Then we moved again to see people playing the drum once they were done playing the drum. They called out three people from  each  school because they had to come and dance. The three people that were dancing from our school was Zoe,Antzel, and also Michael.

Finally once they were done we went back to school to have lunch. It was super fun at the river talks. And the other schools did the same thing as us went back to the school.

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