Tuesday, 22 June 2021

Thinking Critically

This is my literacy work I did this Morning. This task was all bout thinking critically. Enjoy.

Monday, 21 June 2021

Perfect Perimeter

This is my mats task for this week. This task is based around Perimeter and Area. Enjoy

Tornado Hits South Auckland

This is my second reading task for today. This article I really wanted to read about, because it happened just two days ago around South Auckland. All the information is in these slides. Enjoy, and feel free to visit the site, to see what amazing and interesting articles they have.

Huge Sink Hole Appears In Mexico

This is my reading task for this week. This week, we don't have any reading books to focus on. So with that, the whole of team 5 are reading articles from the Kiwi Kids News Read Off. I will just be reading different articles for the site and answering question. My article that I picked was basically about a Hole that suddenly appeared in Mexico. Enjoy

Friday, 18 June 2021

Dazzling Decimals

Flash Addition!

 114 + 97 = 211

 93 + 289= 382

 128 + 87 = 215

163 + 84 = 247

 311 + 93 = 404

Change to fractions and decimals

1. 21% -  0.21  21/100

2. 19% - 0.19 19/100

3. 35% - 0.35 35/100

4. 63% 0.63 63/100

5. 40% 0.40 40/100

6. 15% 0.15 15/100

7. 75% 0.75 75/100

8. 83% 0.83 83/100

9. 7%  0.7 7/100

10. 1% 0.1 01/100


Change to percentages

½ = 50%

⅗ =  60%

17/20= 85%

41/ 50= 82%

7/10 = 70%

⅓=   33.333333333333333333333333

⅚= 25

14/35= 40% 

1/25=  4%

5/50 = 10%

21/76 = 55%

1. 35 + 97 = 132

2. 3.25 - 1.17= 2.08

3. 2 × -8 = -16

4. 5 × (2 + 4 × 3) = 70

5. 5.789 - 1.345 = 4.444

6. 1.789 - 0.987 = 0.802

7. 1.67 + 5.895 = 7.565

8. 1.578  + 2.654 = 4.322

9. 7.678 - 3.567 = 4.111

10. 4.789 + 1.678 = 6.467

This is may maths task for this term. We doing this task, I learnt how to add decimals, convert fractions into percentage, and covert fractions into decimals. Hope your learnt something knew reading this task. Enjoy

Why does Matter matter ?

 The three basic properties of matter are volume, mass, and shape.

All matter is made up of tiny particles called atoms.

Volume is the amount of Space that matter takes up.

Mass is the amount of Matter an object has.

The three basic properties of matter are volume, mass, and shape.

Liquids take the shape of their container.

Gases do not have a definite shape or volume.

Liquids do not have a definite shape, but they do have a definite volume.

Solids have a definite shape.

An ice and chair are examples of solids.

Water and Milk are examples of Liquids.

Oxygen and helium are examples of gas.

Solid ice is melting when it is changing into a liquid.

This is the task I did this morning. We had to answer questions based around Matter. A fact I learnt during this task is, the three states of matter are liquid, solid, and gas. Enjoy

Thursday, 17 June 2021

Colosseum Report !


 Colosseum ! A historical landmark in Rome, Italy. The colosseum, is an oval amphitheater, which basically means, the Colosseum, is an open-air location which is used to show performances, sports and other occasions. 

Construction began in 72 AD, under the order of Vespian. The Colosseum was constructed by thousands of slaves, and was made with bricks, stones, and concrete. 8 years was the amount of time it took for the slaves to complete the buildings of the Colosseum. Once it was complete it could seat upto 50,000 people. During the 8 years of construction, Vespian had died. Vespian’s son, Emperor Titus, was given the honors of opening up the Colosseum. The Colosseum was the height of a 12 story house, and it’s 156 meters wide. 

The Roman Colosseum was used to entertain people with Gladiator battles, animal hunts, and mock naval battles, and Sea battles.  The first game, in the newly built Colosseum took up to about 100 days. These games helped keep the Emperor popular with the people of Rome. Loads of animals fought, and were killed, as the crowd cheered, everything to, elephants and tigers, to bears and bulls. Sinners were also executed there. Sometimes villains were used to reenact old myths and stories, where the characters would be attacked by animals. With everything that happened in the Colosseum, gladiator battles attracted everyone. They battle against each other, for the entertainment of the viewers. Elite gladiators could become celebrities drawing huge crowds, and collecting riches, that would grant them to retire in comfort, assuming they’d live a longer life. 

Other than the gladiator battles, a more splendid performance was the Mock Sea Battles, which was also called Naumachia. The colosseum was built on a false lake, and underneath it had channels that could transfer water to the Colosseum. They used the water to flood the area floor, until the water was deep enough that real ships could sail on it. Once the sea battles ended, the Colosseum was drained quickly, so that the next event that occurred would take place on dry land. In the Colosseum these sea battles only lasted for a short amount of time.

Remember readers, these are just a few facts I wanted to share with you. Doing my research I found that the Colosseum is still a place where people can visit and learn about that area and what made it such a historic place. Overall I hope from this Information Report, you readers have learnt something new !