Monday, 20 August 2018


This is my cyber smart task. What we had to do is that we had to try and replie back to our teachers nicely and respectfully. 


This week we are writing another narrative but this time the writing is about the picture on the front page.

Friday, 17 August 2018


This is my reading task for week 2. It has been along time but I decided that I would finish this task off Today. This is also has to task in this.


At a school called Pt England there was a boy who was only a year 5 and his name was Andy and also there a group of boys who was older than Andy and were bullies. They are older than Andy they were in year 7. The bullies names were Sam, Buster, and William. Andy was really good at school work where’s the other boys weren’t that good at school but what they were good at was sports.

One fine Monday there was a basketball tryouts. Andy was really desperate to tryout basketball. As soon as he got to the hall he looked around if there was any of his friends there to tryout but as he look around he saw William. He thought to himself if William here then Buster and Sam will tryout. Andy was about back out but Mrs. Salu came in the hall and she called out Andy’s name and this is what she said to Andy “ Andy are you coming to tryout for basketball”. Andy responded “ sure why not let me try out something new”. Andy said that because he actually wanted to try something new. Andy was still a bit curious about Sam, William, and Buster if they were only going to pick on Andy not all the other boys who were trying out.

As Mrs. Salu had told all of the boys to sit down in two lines Mrs. Salu put them all in two groups so that the can play a little game of basketball. Sam, Buster, and William was very confident that they were going to win but on the other hand Andy was very nervous. As Mrs. Salu finish with putting all of the boys there group Andy was the last boy well all the other boys were put in a team. Then Andy asked Mrs. Salu “ Mrs which group do I go in”. Mrs. Salu said “ you could go with Buster, Sam, and William “. When Sam, Buster, and William had heard that Andy got put in there team they were all moaning at Andy and saying “ ooh man we don’t want you in our team “. When Andy heard that Buster, William, and Sam had said that to Andy he felt very sad. When the game had started Buster was bossing Andy around and acting like he is the boss of Andy. Once Mrs. Salu bowled the whistle they played the ball. Every time when Andy was free no one passed the ball at him. That made him want to change his mind on being on the basketball team but he couldn’t go because Mrs. Salu already put his name on the list. After the game Mrs. Salu said to all of the boys “ hay good game out there I will pick the teams next week”. The boys respond “ Yes Mrs. Salu “.

A few days later not even a week later Mrs. Salu had already put out the list. All the boys that tried out they all came bursting through everyone else and then came running to the list. As they came Andy was the last one to list. As he was waking he saw everyone's facial he knew by they face if they did make the team or didn’t make the team. Most of the boys had a happy face but Andy was so shocked when he Busters face and William face. They were sad that they didn’t make the team. As he saw the team all of the spots were filled accept two spots. Those two spots went Sam and Andy, Andy was so happy that he got the spot but on the other hand Sam was happy but sad at the same time because his friends didn’t make the team. As heaps of training days came passed Sam and Andy were working as a team and they became good friends along with William and Buster. They were also good friends in the classroom. They also didn’t say anything about Andy or anyone.

A few days later Sam and his friends had apologised to Andy on what they had said at the try outs. After the apology Andy had forgiven them. He was so happy he had Sam, Buster, and William as his friends. Days later Andy was helping Sam, Buster, and William on their work well at lunch time Sam was teaching Andy some new skills. As they got older they were more than best friends they were like brothers. Andy, Sam, Buster, and William lived happily ever after. The End.

This story meant Sam, William, and Buster went from bullies to friends with Andy. They were nice to everyone they were super good friends.

Wednesday, 8 August 2018


Today day we have started our writing task for week 3. For this writing we all will be making up a story which was a narrative. Just to let you know this is just my plan but I will be working on my writing tomorrow. This will also be telling you what my story is based on, who my characters are and what there name are, where the story will be which is what the setting will be, and a problem and a resolution. Stay tune for my actually narrative. I hope you like what my story will be about. Also My story is based a sports and school work.