Wednesday, 24 October 2018

Writing Recount

On the last day of Pt England Kindergarten I had my birthday this birthday was for me turning 5 years of age.

That meant that I got to go to the big school which is Pt England School. Also on that day I got to go to the big school to see what it is like to be in the big school. At first I was very nervous because I had never been at a big school before and I had thought that the school work was going to be very hard and also excited because I get to see my siblings and my cousins there.

Anyways after that trip I went back to kindergarten to make my birthday hat and birthday cake. With my birthday hat I had made it with glue, glitter, stickers, and a big coloured peace of paper which was pink and sellotape . Also for the cake I made it with play- doh coloured shaped stars and 5 candles. How i had did my birthday hat was that I cut out the paper on top zigzag style. Then I stick both ends together with sellotape. After that I got to put on some stickers and then I got to glue on a number 5 on my crown too. When the hat was finish the hat I made my play - doh cake. The colour was bright red and the shape was a over sized oval which meant it was a huge sized oval. Then I had to put it in a red bowl to match my red play - doh.

This is my unfinished writing recount. So that means I am going to make up some time to finish this off so that you can see my full writing recount.

Thursday, 18 October 2018


This is my 1 Dmic of term 4. We did very good.

Follow Up Task

This is my other follow up task and it is Addition. Week 1 Term 4

Follow Up Task

This is my first follow up task which is Subtraction. Week 1 Term 4.

Recount About The Most Nervous Day Of My Life

On the first Saturday of the holiday I had my first Netball training but it wasn’t just any netball it was for the Auckland Samoan team. I play in the under 11 team. When I was in the car and on our way to the courts I felt very scared but kind of excited at the same time because my Dad had said to me “ this netball is not like the school netball it is much more harder the those games”. That was the where I felt very scared,

When my Dad and I were in the car we were trying to look for the netball court because the training wasn’t at the normal AMI netball courts it was out West. As we finally got there it was so packed that My dad kept on going around in circles. So as we finally found are parking stop we went to the courts. When I got to the courts they were all practising the Samoan National Anthem. When I went to go and sit down all of there attention turned on me like they were all looking at me and that was the time where I wanted to regret doing this but they had already started to go and train so I had no choices but to train. As I was walking with my team I had told my Dad to come with me because I was so nervous.

After that I had to introduce myself and then we had to move on to training. But suddenly as I got through the whole day of training I had felt better and not scared anymore and from there on I felt happier.

Tuesday, 16 October 2018


Kia Ora and Welcome back to my blog. As you would probably had already know that we are currently in term 4 so that means the we are closer to being a year 6 the from the start of being year 5. I am really excited about the terms theme. It is called Te Wa Toi it stands for Art. To me I love art because it is really fun to do and I just love play with colours.

How I knew the Te Wa Toi stands for Art is how most of the teachers dressed up. And also as I was looking around I had seen that Mr. Jacobson had dressed up as a paint brush and a easel. Also Mr. Moran was wearing a suit that painters usually wear.

Since it is a new term I had to challenge myself to not talk as much a I had talked last term and also to finish off my work probably and at the right time. That is my goal that I had set myself for term 4.

The reason why I had Picked that for my goal is because I had thought that, that was the most thing I had to work on in term 3 so I decided that I would carry that goal on to term 4. Also it is because I want to finish off the year happy. Also I had a lot of positive thought out what this term is going to be like.

So this comes to end in my first blog post of term 4. I am so happy that this theme is art. I hope you have a good rest of the day.