Monday, 13 September 2021


This week in math, Room 4 is learning about coordinates and translation. Please feel free to give a compliment or feedback.

Classifying Numbers

These are my maths task for this week. This task was based around classifying numbers. Overall this task was kinda hard to do, but im just happy I was able to finish it. Enjoy

Kei Hea Koe ?

This is another Te Reo task I decided to finish throughout the pandemic. The main question for this task is Kei Hea Koe? which means where are you? I had to figure out where the people are in the picture, but i had do it in Maori. Enjoy

The Coordinate Plane

This week for maths room 4 did a task based around coordinates and translation. If you enjoyed this feel free to leave a positive comment.

Saturday, 11 September 2021

CSI Files

This is a Crime Scene work that my class had to complete on our own; it was based on criminals and also included mathematics. Enjoy

1.1 Toku Whakapapa

This is one of many Te Reo task I was working on throughout the lock down. This task was based around our whakapapa which is basically who my family are. This was a very fun task to finish, because I like to do tasks based around my family. And for my create task I had to record myself saying some of the phrases I learnt from this task. Enjoy.

Monday, 23 August 2021

Laundry Basket Advert

Today's literacy assignment is as follows. I had to choose something from around my house and create an advertisement for it. I took a look around and decided to put up an ad for my washing basket. This is the result of my brainstorming. With this advertisement, I wanted to convey to my readers that this particular laundry basket not only has a great capacity, but it is also lightweight. Enjoy